LEUCODERMA / VITILIGO/ WHITE SPOTS/ SAFED DAAG/SHWET KUSTHA; A case of Female Girl, sucssessfully treated, basing on the findings of Electro Tridosha Graphy ETG AyurvedaScan

Leucodermal Patches at the beginning of Treatment

Leucodermal Patches at the beginning of Treatment

Leucoderma Patche after  45 days treatment

Leucoderma Patche after 45 days treatment

“][See and observe the recorded trace pattern of the Girl. The trace pattern is showing the unstable lines going every time up and down. All trace patterns are  similar according to their intensity presence in body and organs pathophysiological and pathological conditions]


On 04th  April 2010, A Girl aged 07  [Seven] years, belonging to District Unnao, 27 Kilometers away from Kanpur vsited clinic with her parents for Leucoderma /  Safed Daag / Vitiligo / Shwet Kustha on her whole body. I observed her condition and founded that from face to Lower extremeties, she is having smaller to bigger sizes white patches, in head, in torso, in lower extremeties.


She was treated earlier by many experts of the Allopathy, Ayurveda, Homoeopathy, Acupressurist, Herbalist and many more. She was given internal and external medications for uses.  Upto some extent the applied medicine responses, but as a reaction , the white patches shifted to another location of body.


In Unnao, one Accupressurist, who was treating the girl, when failed , he suggested her parents to consult another physician. Parent asked for the doctor to whom they should consult, because all the well known doctors were consulted earlier from Lucknow, Barabanki, Kanpur , Unnao and other places.  They asked Accupressurist  to suggest them any  physician, who could help them.


The Accupressurist opened the Internet and founded my address. He suggested to parents to consult me.


Meanwhile the parent came to my clinic after an appointment on o4.o4.2010 at evening at 6.30 pm.


I told the parent that my way of treatment is differ to others. First I go for an Electro Tridosha Graphy; ETG AyurvedaScan examination and then after I will handle the case.


They agreed and I recorded the ETG of that Girl and asked them to come day after tomorrow.


                                                   ETG Report’s DATA


As you all know that ETG AyurvedaScan provides data in several parts.  Here the reader will see the data sheet in segregational stages.






[All Normal  parameters are 95 to 99 e.v.]


164.37 Saman Vata

153.71 Shleshaman Kaphha

139.29 Rasan Kaphha

119.38 Bhrajak Pitta

116.43 Snehan Kaphha

112.00 Ranjak Pitta

102.50 Udaan Vata

101.25 Sadhak Pitta

100.71 Kledan Kaphha

100.00 Pran Vata

93.52 Kaphha Dosha

92.62 Avalamban Kaphha

90.67 Apaan Vata

84.38 Pachak Pitta

82.27 Lochak Pitta

80.56 Vyaan Vata

68.14 Pitta Dosha

60.84 Vata Dosha





Status of Sapta Dhatu including Tridosha Affected Sapta Dhatu


[Normal  ; 95 e.v to 99 e.v.]


157.86 Ras Kaphha

138.67 Mans Pitta

133.67 Ras Dhatu

124.38 Ras Pitta

122.86 Asthi Pitta

122.67 Mans Dhatu

121.52 Maans Kaphha

121.33 Mans Vata

119.29 Asthi Kaphha

118.38 Asthi Dhatu

116.56 Majja Pitta

115.60 Asthi Vata

112.50 Majja Kaphha

112.17 Majja Dhatu

110.00 Majja Vata

109.58 Ras VAta

102.10 Med Kaphha

100.52 Shukra Kaphha

95.87 Rakta Kaphha

95.10 Shukra Dhatu

91.48 Med Dhatu

91.20 Rakta Dhatu

90.91 Shukra Vata

89.36 Shukra Pitta

88.89 Rakta Vata

86.40 Med Pitta

81.56 Med Vata

80.89 Rakta Pitta


PART- Three


Heart Beat  68 per minute

Heamoglobin  11.80 mg%

Calcium  11.84 mg

Vital Force 52 [Normal; 48 e.v.]

Health condition 58.94 [Normal; 90 e.v. to 105 e.v.]


PART- Four




84.34    Purish

87.81    Mutra

94.0        Swed





Main Complaint; ETG Report’s provide two ways diagnosis of diseases [a] by observing the recorded trace pattern by ETG machine  and [b] by computer calculated evolutionised Data of different parts of body.


  • Appetite weak
  • Blood anomaly
  • Bowel’s pathophysiology
  • Colon Ascending inflammation, swelling and hardness
  • Epigastritis
  • Electrolytic Imbalances
  • ENT anomalies
  • Irregular interval inbetween ‘a’ and ‘o’ waves
  • Poor function of Liver and Gall Bladder



Upper Ten and Lower Ten , main evaluated computer generated  complaints [ from Higher to Lower  and Lower to higher numerically]


Higher to Lower


360.00 Thoracic pine

274.07 Coccygial spine

242.22 Lumber spine

238.57 Cervical spine

235.71 Autonomic nervous system

208.89 Sacral spine

161.67 Thyroid pathophysiology

150.00 Tracheal/ internal throat anomaly

150.00 Spleen

133.67 Metabolism



Lower to higher


92.50    Liver/pancreas/gall bladder

92.50 Hormonal anomalies

91.48  Body Fat

91.20  Skin ailments

91.20  Blood anomalies

90.67  Stool evacuation

88.22  Urine evacuation

80.00 Gall Bladder anomaly

60.00 Irritable Bowel syndromes/Inflammatory condtion of Bowels

60.00 Renal anomalies






Seeing the whole ETG report, it was concluded that she is suffering mainly from

  • Irritable Bowel syndromes
  • Inflammatory condition of Bowels
  • Bowel’s pathophysiology
  • Liver disoders
  • Blood anomaly
  • Digestiv disorders / weak appetite


         Regarding Ayurvedic fundamentals, it was observed that Kaphha dosha is within normal limit and Pitta Dosha is higher than Vata Dosha although both are in very lower limit. Thus the problem was concluded Pittaj-vataj.


On the other side, the Pitta Bheda “Bhrajak & Ranjak” are in higher limit, while Saman Vayu is in Highest Limit. About Sapta Dhatu,” Mans pitta, Ras pitta, & Asthi Pitta” are in higher level, comparatively “Med Pitta & Rakta Pitta” are in Lower level.


So it is concluded that PITTA is dominating in this patient along with Vata. Therefore much attention should be paid to Pitta treatment.




At the start 0n 06.04.2010, following medicines were prescribed;


1-       Shuddha gandhak, Chop Chinyadi churna to be taken Morning and evening

2-       Arogya Vardhini Vati with Triphala Churna

3-       No external application was given


This Prescription improves her condition well. Her Bowel’s pathophysiology corrected and she went for stool evacuation daily instead of every 4rth day. Her white patches become less in surroundings.


Similar medicines are repeating because her condition is improving well.


 I suggested her parents, her father is in Uttar Pradesh Police Service, for taking photographs of her Leucodermal patches, but they did not ready for it.


However they agreed for photography of a very small patch for observing the improvement. They promise me for photography of the patches in their next visit.


For management of the case, I advised her to take light meals and avoid sour food.


No external application was allowed in form of paste or oil or in decoction forms.


The patient is improving well and her progress of regaining health is satisfactory.





This is another case , which is treating on base of the report of Electro Tridosha Graphy ETG AyurvedaScan system findings.


As earlier it is said about this scanning system that it quantifies the status of Ayurveda principals and diagnosis of the diseases, it fulfills the requirement of an Ayurvedicians to treat the patient scientifically, rationally and in an evidence based manner.


This case proves the efficiency of the ETG AyurvedaScan system in case of LEUCODERMA treatment .


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46 thoughts on “LEUCODERMA / VITILIGO/ WHITE SPOTS/ SAFED DAAG/SHWET KUSTHA; A case of Female Girl, sucssessfully treated, basing on the findings of Electro Tridosha Graphy ETG AyurvedaScan

  1. safid dag mare finger may 01 year say hai. mari age 34 hai. mai lucknow ki rahnay wali hon. plese ilaj batayen

    ………..reply by Dr DBBajpai………..aap sabse pahale apana ek ETG AyurvedaScan ya phir EHG HomoeoScan ka parikshan karayein, usake baad jab ayurved ya homoeopathy ka ilaj karayenge to shartiya safed daag thik honge

    Bina parikshan ke ilaj karane se ilaj bhatakane wala sabit hota hai aur pata nahi chalata ki sharir ke andar duasari aur kya gadabadi ho rahi hai, jisaki vajah se safed daag ho rahe hai.

  2. mujhe 13 saal se safed daag(vitiligo/leucoderma) hai aur sarir k bahri hisso mein jyada hai..almost 25% body mein ho chuka hai…face,leg and fingers area jyada affected hai……i don’t know what to do and whether i am going to get rid-off this problem or not. i had repleced more than 20 doctors but no one had given me relief.
    is there any cure for this disease or not??????

    ………..r4eply by Dr DBBajpai………..aapake safed daag 100 pratishat thik ho sakate hai, lekin…………..
    sabase pahale aap apna ek ETG AyurvedaScan parikshan karaiye, after that when you will take the treatment of Ayurveda/Homoeopathy, then it will be result oriented. I have treated a large number of Vitiligo patients and 99.99 percent have got complete cure with their complaints. It takes time to get complete cure, but progress of the healing is seen after 2 to 4 weeks. In some patients, the progress is slow due to their week response with medicine but after few weeks, the actions of medicine accelerates depending upon the patient’s health condition. In Allopathy medical system, complete cure is not possible, so is of the Homoeopathy. Possibility of total cure is possible in Ayurveda.

    Vitiligo is a very sensitive disease condition, which spreads very quickly, but cure is difficult and takes a lot of time depending on the presence of spots on body. It may take one year and more. Cure is dependent upon the experienced physician tactics and understanding about the Ayurveda. Novices generally spoils the case, so expert physician is needed to treat the case.

    You can come to my clinic and see and observe the treating cases of Vitiligo and you can ask directly to patients and can interview them.

    • ETG AyurvedaScan ye hota kaha hai ?
      aur kitana kharch aajata hai isame ?

      ………..reply………..ap FAQ me dekh le, ek ETG AyurvedaScan ka parikshan Rs 1600/- me hota hai, isaki report 40 page ki hoti hai, isake parikshan ki suvidha keval KANPUR shahar me hai

  3. dear sir,
    please let me know regarding etg scan.where one can do it? whether it is your own formula or any body other than u can perform it?mostly u recommend sudhha gandhak and aarogyabardhini bati for this.also suggest where it is available in purest form and name of the company who is maufacturing these in purest form so that one can buy and use it for leucoderma.how bakuchi with cow’s urine and hartal churna in equal quantity help for vitiligo. waiting for your reply. thanks a lot.

    ………..reply by Dr DBBajpai………..regarding ETG AyurvedaScan you can go to the related posts in plenty. The service is only available presently in Kanpur to general public on payment.

  4. hello hay……………..
    i am Mahesh .
    mere face par killo muhaso se daag pad gey hai es se mera face bada lagta hai……………. plz aap muje in daago ko saf kar ne ka trika bataye plz…………

  5. Hi Sir,
    Mujhe 7 saal se safed daag hai plz reply
    Mathura U.P.

    ………..reply by Dr DBBajpai………..ap ek ETG AyurvedaScan parikshan karakar combined treatment lenge to shatt pratishat phaayadaa hogaa

  6. dr.sahab,namaskar safed dag ke ilaz me etg karane kebad pratimah lagbhag kitna kharch ayega.aur kitnedintakilazkarna padega.please tell me . hatho ki gaddiyo keback me aur thodasa gardan me tatha thoda sa onth(belowof mouth) me safed dag ha.
    p.n.srivastava kanpur email premshaarda@gmail.com.poori jankari milne ke uprant samparkkarna chahta hoo.krapya address bhi likhneka kasht kare .dhanyawad.

    ………..reply………..apaka kharcha ETG AyurvedaScan parikshan ka rupaye 2000/- lag jayenge, jyadatar safed daag ki davaa 60 rupaye roj ki padati hai , 30 din ki dva ka muly 1800 ek hazar aath sau rupaye hogaa

  7. cure honeme kitna samay lagjayega aur labh mahsoos hona kitne samay bad se hoga please tell me.dhanyawad.

    ……….reply………..kitane din me aram milega yah sab ETG AyurvedaScan ki findings par aadharit hokar kaha ja saata hai / yah bimari ke persists karane ke samay par bhi nirbhar karata hai ki kitane din purani takalif hai ? phir bhi ek saptah ke dava kahane se kuch parivaratan dekhane me milate hai / jaise jaise dava khate jaate hai vaise vaise safed daag krangat badalane lagati hai /

  8. sir,namaste mere lagbhag 7 saal se right side me ek rupye k brabar sfaid daag hai,kirpya bataye kitne dino me theek ho jayega or kitna kharch ayega? dhannybaad.

    ………..reply………….etg ayurveda examination karakar ilaj karane se safed daag ka ilaj sahi sahi hota hai , yah etg parikshan krane aur daag dekhane par bataya ja sakega ki kitane dino me \thik hoga

  9. पिगबैक: Anonymous

  10. Hello sir
    I m suffering with leocoderma…pl suggest me and your phone no my email is (manoj_shekdar@yahoo.com)

    ………..reply………..first you go for an ETG AyurvedaScan examination and after that take regular ayurvedic and homoeopathic treatment simultaneously, your problem will be cured

  11. mujhe lagbhag 20 saal se safed daag hai lekin pichle two year se adhik ho raha hai wah ek jagah hota hai uske baad dusre jagah sift ho jata hai iska uaap bataye maine kai dr ko dikhaya lekin koi safalta jahi mili .

    ………..reply……….apa pana pahale ek ETG AyurvedaScan parikshan karaye , usake bad ayurved ayush ka ilaj karenge to avashy thik hoge aur safalata milegi

  12. पिगबैक: Anonymous

  13. पिगबैक: Anonymous

  14. पिगबैक: Anonymous

  15. Sir mere haath or under arm me safed daag ho gage ha galbag 2-3 saal se kirpa is ka sahi ilaz batae

    ………..reply………..ap apane najdik ke kisi Ayurvedic doctor se salah lekar ilaj karenge to avashy apako phayada hoga, Allopathy me is bimari ka koi ilaj nahi hai , AYUSH chikitsa ke karane se apko avashy aram milegi

    ETG AyurvedaScan adharit ilaj karayenge to avashy apko VITILIGO ki bimari me phayada hoga aur rog nirmul hota hai /


  17. Mere birth se hi safed daag hai or ab pehle se kahi jayeda bad rahe hai is ka ilaj batai
    Kirpya meri help kare.

    ………..reply………..ETG Ayurveda Scan parikshan karakr ilaj karayenge to avashy bimari thik hogi aur badhane se ruk jayegi

  18. I am15 yes old girl suffering from arthritis from 2 month . My aso blood repot is out of normal range that is 456. My native place Chapra Bihar . Please advice me for permanent cure.

    ………..report………….You should be very cautious about your arthritis problem, it could be dangerous to you. You have not mentioned about other examination and any infection so far. It may be a simple arthritis or complex arthritis , could be any one.

    Your treating physician, what have diagnosed, you have not mentioned ?

    Anyway , if ARTHRITIS is confirmed, ALLOPATHY system have no curative or total cure assured treatment, so it will be much better for you to go for AYURVEDIC & AYUSH treatment, which will be result oriented and will give you total cure.

    Now it is depend on your choice, which treatment you likes.

  19. respected sir give me whole information about leucoderma and suggest me regarding yoga…

    ………..reply………..itana sara details LEUCODERMA ke bare me likha ja chuka hai , isi blog me dekhiye apako bahut kuchch milega

  20. Sir hame lag vag 4-5 year se safe daag hai pahle mere chest pe hua aur dhere dhere mere pair pe aur ab dhere dhere me face pe aa raha hai kya ye aao ka ilag karane se thik ho sakta hai aur fir kabhi baad me niklega to nahi…sir reply me plese mai bahut paresan hon

  21. Mere kan ke pass or mere gal pe nanha sa safed dagh he jo gal pe he usi part me white bal (saving) ate he to me kyakru…riply

    ………..reply………..jitani jaldi ho sake apane najdik ke kis ayurvedic ya homoeopathic ke doctor se salah lekar ilaj shuru kare

    safed daag bahut jadi saare sharir me failate hai aur inaka failav rokane ke sabhi prayas fail ho jaate hai

    kab apake saare sharir me safed daag badhate chale jay isase pahale satark hokar ilaj kare

  22. Sir mai 20 saal ka hu mere gaal me saphed daag he aur usi jagah baal v saphed he ..mmai bahut paresan hu bahut ilaj kiya lekin koi fayda nhi ho rha koi upay btaye..

  23. Jab maine abhi 15-20 din pahle apna x-ray karwaya to usme mere daag aaya , jabki usi ke 1-2 mahine pehle mere koi b daag nai tha , is daag k saaf hone ka agar koi ilaj h to plz muge bataiye

  24. I have psoriasis from 7 years. I did everything. Taken medicine from PGI ,Chandigrh, government hospital, baba ramdev but nothing goes my way. Everyone said that I’ll give u 100% guarantee that you will be cured. But results 0 . Now i don’t think that anything would work. Spent more than 2-3 lakhs on this. And everytime when i starts medicine from anywhere , the body gets clean in a month but after some time it reappears .reappearance is a big issue. So please release me from this. I am 24 years old. So you will be like a god for me.

    ………..reply………..Psoriasis is curable totally by Ayurvedic treatment based on the findings of ETG Ayurvedascan and its supplementary examinations.

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