Ayurvedic Herbs, which increasing interest in SEXUAL INTERCOURSE

Like others medical systems, prevalent all over globe , Ayurveda have many recorded herbs , duly used in SEXUAL POWER INCREMENT and sexual intercourse interest in males.

The well known fact is that males are in general very easily and sudden excited and be ready for any time for sexual intercourse with females. Therefore it happens most of the time they face the problems of early ejaculation or lose semen before any act of sexual preparation. This is natural fact with the males. That depend upon the functioning of Auto Nervous system of males, in which degree it is strong. The over all function of the male organs is discussed many times in this blog and its posts. Males are quickly excited to see the face , eyes, cuts of mammary gland, border line and elevation of mammary glands and chest of the females and of course their hips and below front easily hypnotic effects to their voice quality and style of walking and movement of bending, walking and this and that . Males see and observes the females qualities and thus they excited all of sudden, which is a natural instinct .

But comparatively Females have no effects of the males observations and  calling. They excited for sex almost late and very slowly and very gradually. When male excited and touches females parts , females have no sexual inclination at this movement. Its a general property they think, because most of the females think that touching of a part  have no means and this is a general practice almost followed by their male partners.

Females have very strong SIXTH SENSE in relation to any SEX related  acts done and offered  by the males, which is natural and god gifted. In a survey done by me, I asked several questions to females in  this context. In reply most of the females accepted that they can segregate and analyses the malice idea of the males , who want to have sex relation with them. If some one have accidentally done any behave , they can also judge it with the intentions. Most of the women accepted that they can easily recognize the idea of the person, how he will behave with them.

Asking about the sexual potency of their male partner or husband , almost all females accepted that they feels anxiety  about the weak sexual power of their husbands, they suggested their husbands that they should increase their sexual  power by taking Aphrodisiac medications.

Anyway AYURVEDA have recognized that maintaining of sex power is essential for a male and also for a female for happier life.

Ayurveda have many formula for this condition. Some of the herbs are mentioning here for treatment of the condition.

1- ASHVAGANDHA   is one of the herb which is used in sexual problems. In my opinion, ASHVAGANDHA should be used in those cases, who are mentally impotent and where problem of Autonomic nervous system is persists

2- SHATAVAR is another herb , which is used in sexual problems. In my opinion this herb should be used in those cases, where it seems that semen is producing in lesser quantity or insufficient semen is producing. Condition of Azoospermia can be treated successfully with this herb

3- KAUNCH is one of the herb, which prevent the early ejaculation and helps to make semen thick. Those persons who have watery semen , this herb make their semen thick and strong thick

4-TALMAKHANA is a herb used in semen anomalies. It prevents early ejaculation and helps to make more and more semen. This herb produce strong desire for sexual acts

5- Vidarikand, Shilajit and many other herbs are used to treat this condition according to the need.

It is better to use these herbs under an expert Ayurvedic Physician, who will decide according to your problem, how much quantity of these herbs should be used.

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17 thoughts on “Ayurvedic Herbs, which increasing interest in SEXUAL INTERCOURSE

  1. Sir
    Meri umer 38 years hai aur meri shaadi ko 6 months ho gye hain aur meri biwi mujh se khush nhi hai kyonki mai uske sath mahine mein sirf 2 baar hi ker pata hu aur sharer mein bohut thakavat mehsoos kerta hu.

  2. Sir I have marri ed 6 months ago but iam not satisfied with my wife as she never feels sex n she is not intrested to do anything she says feels irritating with all this
    Please notify me good ayurvedic medicine

    Thank you

  3. Actually sir meri age 27 yr hai… pehle Koi prblm nai thi but last 1 year se mere ling me dhilapan as gaya hai… Kai baar to wo khada bhi nai ho pata hai… Ya hota hai to usme lossness rhti hai aur second time k liye to ab 1 hour bhi lag jata hai … Pehle Sab normal tha…. Plz Koi achi so med suggest kare

    • Helo sir. Menu sex ke problem ha please help me
      Sex bhut jada hota hai per ho nai pata
      Menu eh problem 4year say ha
      Mena bhut medicine kiae ha 50000say 60000 RS ke
      Per fark nai please help me
      Menu sex ke bhut he jaida pro palm haa please

  4. Sir mai 40sal ka hu .sex ke samey mera thik se khad nahi hota .mai full sex enjoy karna chata hu der tak lakin jaildi out ho jata hu.pl sakth or der tak ke liya koi deva de jo market mai easy mil jaay .

  5. Hello doctor, I have done the semen test, sperm count in the test was null, further I have also done the hormone test and all results was normal I consulted with urologist and he said there can be blockage in your testicles and you have to go for ivf to get the baby. Please let me know if there is any treatment available for my case

    ………..reply………..your question is confusing me and so I can not tell you, what to do ?

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