दिन: जुलाई 1, 2009

Congratulations to all Doctors on Doctor’s Day

In Ayurved, the practitioners celebrates “Chikitsak Divas – Doctor’s Day” every year before one day of DIPAWALI ferstival , which is called Dhanateras  and thus Ayurveda celebrates the Doctor’s day.

Homoeopathic practitioners celebrates the Doctor’s Day on 10th April every year, on the birthday of the originator of Homoeopathic science Dr. Samuel Hahnemnann.

I do not know about the Unani system of medicine & Yoga and Nature cure sustem , on which day they gether and celebrates the Doctor,s day.

In Modern western medicine Doctor’s day is celebrated on 1st July every year. I can not say about the tredition and convention of this day appearence, but I appreciate in one sense that for the unity of the medical sciences , it is essential to celebrate the Doctor’s day unanimously by all the practitioners of all healing system at one roof,  in the idea and moto keeping in their minds that they all are healing the sick huminity.