About Diebetes

In our clinic, large numbers of the patients, who are suffering from Diebetes, visited daily from the remote areas and cities. Most of the patients are reffered by the patients already treatment taken and cured/relieved or going under treatment.

For diabetes patients, we first advise to go for the Electro Tridosha Graphy, ETG AyurvedaScan examination and then we stress and watch the problems of the patient, from which they are sufferings by evaluating their organs’ capacity. We observe the intensity of the Tridosha and other fundamentals of Ayurveda essentials for the selection of appropriate Ayurvedic medicine / drugs.
As you know that Ayurved is based on its own principals, who are totally differ with the concept of Modern Western Medicine, say Allopathy. The strategy of the treatment is also differing with this concept. E.T.G. AyurvedaScan report shows the cardinal findings of the patient’s body.
The priveledge of the diagnosis of the disease condition with the tracings of the ETG is very prominent. Traces recorded from the epigastrium region, shows very close differences with the presence of sugar level estimation approximately and not exactly as counted by the Glucometer.. The electrical scan shows the level of the glucose in blood. The waves b,c,d,e,s,h are counted both horizontally and vertically, clockwise or anticlockwise bending, peripheral to center or center to peripheral and other observations are taken into consideration. We say to patient with confidence that he is having high blood sugar level tendency or low sugar level tendency and count the level of the estimation by counting the spaces of the traces. Suppose we count that the patient should have sugar level about 300 mg/dl round about. When we examine the blood by the help of Glucometer, it counts 348 mg/dl. So we have advantages to examine scientifically patient with a system, which provides us a complete data , disease tendency, disease diagnosis and other features related with the patient health.
On the collected data, we select the nearest choice of remedy for patient and time to time monitor the condition by follow up ETG scan .which is essential for change of prescription and to avoid unnecessary heavy medication to patient.
This is the most scientific way of treating Diebetes patients of all nature by Ayurvedic medicines., which we do in our clinic.We have observed by this way patient got relief with their complaints and syndromes very quickly and definitely.


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