Often we see the patient of High Blood Pressure in our daily practice. But we see a small level of patient having Low Blood Pressure. High Blood pressure is seen mostly in the urban population. But comparatively High Blood pressure is lesser seen in the rural areas.  I have seen High Blood pressure patient in rural areas, with the Kidney malfunctioning, some brain anomaly or with the trauma in spine and other rare conditions, like osteoporosis etc.

If I see 100 patient, out of 100 ; 10 percents are having blood pressure in normal level and   70  percent having either high level blood pressure or having tendency  towards High Level Blood pressure, rest of the patient either have Low Blood Pressure or having tendency towards Low Blood pressure. This is data of the patient of Urbam areas.

The condition is vise versa in rural areas. In rural areas  70 to 80 percent are having Low blood pressure or tendency towads low blood pressure, 15 percent are in normal level and rest are having high level blood pressure. 

I observed that it is the living style of the rural area population, which takes care of their blood pressure. Malnutrition is one of the reason among the other  factors. Their life stule is differed to Urban areas. They sleep very early and getup in morning very early. The life support is full of physical labour. Without physical labour , they cannot survive their. Every time and in every movement, they have to use their muscle power. In crisis of any kind , they donot worry with problem and leave it to the God / almighty , which will solve their problem and that’s why they mentally becomes very free.I think this is the reason which saved them from raising their blood pressure. 

Comparatively, in City life, it is full of hurdles, every time all the persons are in tense atages with their own problems, family problems, business and service problems and this is the reason of High Blood pressure.

“Remove the reason, treat the reason, cure the reason” is formula for treating all ailments.  

In Low Blood pressure , treat the reason is the best medicine for cure.


Ayurveda have many medicines for this condition and also Homoeopathy. Mother tincture of Crateagus Oxyca Q , if taken in  10 drops per dose with one teaspoonful of plain water will cure the Low blood pressure tendency and disease condition.


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