Electro Tridosha Graphy ; ETG AyurvedaScan Report’s Third page

The third page of the ETG AyurvedScan is consists of the “Organ’s Pathophysiology / Pathology”. The computer generated analysed data of various organs are shown with their intensities.

Some datas are shown by marking *PNA, that means * Parameters Not Applicable. PNA datas are those datas, which are not fully confirmed, as what should be normal value established. It is due to their sensitivity, which varies according to the age, activities and sensitive nature of the patient / individual.

For example Auto Nomic Nervous system evaluation is in *PNA section. The reason is that it is very high observed in youngestors say 300 to 600 e.v.

The e.v. means “etg value, which is differ from scan to scan areas. [1] some e.v. is observed 95 to 99 e.v. as a normal level. Some e.v. [2] is in between 90 to 105 e.v. as a normal level. Some [3] e.v. are inbetween 80 to 115 e.v. considers normal level.

Electro Tridosha Graphy ; ETG AyurvedaScan  Report's Third Page

Below 50 e.v. is observed that body parts are pathologically affected. If parameters are inbetween 80 to 50 e.v. it is considered that condition is of pathophysiological.

Above than 120, the condition is observed that parts are going towards the inflammatory and painful stage. Blow level shows that parts are going to towards hardness and painless development of the disease condition.

The third page of the ETG Report shows the [1] intensity, [2] functioning, [3] health condition of the visceras and other sections of the body for evaluation in view of the comprehensive treatment , which is an unique concept of the Ayurved medical system.

This page have a short evaluation & also for quick observation of the scanned parts, provides instant picture of the patient to Ayurvedic Doctor for quich analysis and selection of medicine accordingly.

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