ETG report’s Fourth Page

The Fourth page of the ETG report  provides the data of “Systemwise evaluation of the body organs / Body parts / Visceras / Body sections.” The normal level is shown in “e.v.” measurement, that is termed “electro-tridosha-gram value.


This page is consist of  ;


  • Evaluation of CIRCULATORY SYSTEM
  • Evaluation of RESPIRATORY SYSTEM



The evaluation of ANS gives an important clue of the strongness / weakness of the system, showing Brain anomalies and evaluation of Brain parts.By evaluating this data, Ayurvedic physician can understand the Mental / Intellectual / Memory level of the patient. We have observed that Mental/emotional/intellectual data , when goes below 50 to 60  e.v. , it is very hard in the part of the Ayurveda physician / Vaidya to teach the patient about his complaints. Patient’s mental ability becomes so poor that it is hard and tough to convey anything. Patient understands very late, but when he understands once, he will never leave it.


Development , innovation and continuous reseaech is in progress. Therefore the new data are included time to time after their verifications and usefulness.




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