HAIR FALLING; A common disorders of Human Hairs now a days

Hair falling is a new proplem among the youngsters. Now only yougesters , middle aged and over age personals are also victims of this condition.


Last ver fourty years , I have treated thousand of persons suffering with this condition, even today. Some came to me with no hair in scalp, no brow, no moustaches, no beared hairs. All have got cure and relief with my specific treatment.


The common complaints , I have noticed , that majority of the victims are suffered from DANDRUFF. I observed that the DANDRUFF has four or five kinds. I use micro lense to detect them. Without micro lense , the minute type of dandruff is not detectable.


The treatment is divided into three parts ;


  1. I use specific medicines which I prepared myself , based on the experience of treatment. The medicines are of the following types.

                  [a] Lotion, which removes the dandruff

                   [b] Shampoo for cleaning of Hairs

                   [c] Oil to be used in hairs

                   [d] Vitaliser to be used before bed time

                    [e] Internal medicine to be taken orally daily once a day

All these external applications are totally Herbal and Ayurvedic preparations.


  1. I use Electro-physiotherapy and Hi-frequency electronic waves on those parts , where baldness is present. Elecronic waves stimulates the skin surface and thus this process helps to grow the hairs.


  1. I use surgical interventions. The process is very simple. I scrapes the  head skin surface very carefully, where I found that skin is very hard and the internal hairs have no pass to come out.



This way , I have treated thousands and thousands of the hair fall patients.


Now I have almost left this practice due to my busyness in ELECTRO TRIDOSHA GRAPHY ; ETG AyurvedaScan Technology development and only  Lotion, Oil, Shampoo, Vitaliser is available for limited persons.


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