दिन: जून 21, 2010


On 5th May 2010, one patient consulted me for his complaints. He came from remote area of Kanpur and was reffered by some earlier patient, who have taken my treatment previously.

At the first appearance, I observed the constitution. He was lean and thin and was unable to free walk because of his rapid respiration and easy fatigue.

Patient's Data Sheet containing all estmations in summerized form

Patient's Data Sheet containing all estmations in summerized form

The accompanied person told me the major complaints and symptoms similar to what I observed earlier.

I told them my way of treatment that first I will do an Electro Tridosha Gram examination and after that I will treat on the findings , whatever the report will provide.

Patient's recorded traces by Electro Tridosha Graphy system

Patient's recorded traces by Electro Tridosha Graphy system

They agreed and I recorded his traces. On seeing the traces, I simply gave some medicine for immediate starting of treatment and asked him to come day after tomorrow for complete ETG Report and then treatment accordingly.

ETG Reprt’s Findings

PART [a] ;The status of TRIDOSHA and TRIDOSHA BHED ; [From Highest to lowest numerical order]

153.68 Pitta Dosha
149.29 Snehan Kaphha
145.50 Kaphha Dosha
139.38 Pachak pitta
127.50 Ranjak Pitta
120.71 Shleshaman Kaphha
112.50 Pran vata
110.00 Sadhak Pitta
99.64 Kledan Kaphha All parameter’s NORMAL LIMIT is
90.00 Udan Vata
90.00 Lochak Pitta 95 to 99 e.v. [+- 5 e.v.]
88.10 Avalamban Kaphha
87.50 Bhrajak Pitta
84.17 Apaan Vata
82.97 Saman Vata
78.93 Rasan Kaphha
77.34 VATA
65.83 Vyaan Vata

PART [b} ; The Status of SAPTA DHATU including TRIDOSHA affected Sapta dhatu [From Highest to Lowest number orders]

108.10 Asthi Vata
104.69 Majja Vata
103.75 Asthi Pitta
102.67 Asthi
102.34 Majja Pitta
100.29 Majja
97.35 Asthi Kaphha
96.88 Ras Pitta
96.67 Maans Pitta
95.83 Majja Kaphha
94.17 Med Pitta
89.67 Ras
89.05 Med Kapha
88.93 Ras Kapha
88.75 Ras Vata
88.33 Mans Vata
88.00 Mans
87.33 Med
86.67 Rakta Vata
86.59 Shukra Pitta
85.61 Shukra Vata
85.56 Rakta
85.28 Rakta Pitta
85.24 Mans Kaphha
85.21 Shukra
83.89 Med Vata
83.51 Shukra Vata
83.49 Rakta Vata

PART [c]

• Oaj is 52 [Normal 48 e.v.]
• Vitality / Vital Force/ Smpurna Oaj is 40 [Normal 84 to 104 e.v.]
• Heart Beat/Pulse 115 per minute
• Health condition 143.74 e.v. [Normal 95 to 99 e.v.]

PART [d] Interpretation of traces ; Disease conditions Observed ; Diagnosis Findings

• Aneamia
• Bowel’s pathophysiology
• Cervical spondylitis
• Colon Ascending inflammation,hardness and swelling
• Colon decending inflammation, hardness and swelling
• Diaphragmatic problems
• Enlarged Liver with poor function
• Epigastritis with inflammation and hardness
• Excited Mental and Emotional Behaviour
• Eye and ENT anomalies
• Inflammatory and irritable Bowel syndromes
• Laryngopharyngotracheal anomalies
• Musculoskeletal anomalies
• Pulmonary organs anomalies
• Tachycardia

PART [e] Diseased parts on DATA BASE – Upper Ten and Lower Ten, Auto selection Data from Highest to lower and Lower towards Higher, have selected for treatment and selection of medicine purposes.

364.44 Thoracic Spine
362.22 Lumber Spine
300.00 Liver / Pancrease/Spleen
254.00 Epigastric pathophysiology
237.67 Urinary Bladder
218.57 Auto Nervous system [Data of Auto Nervous system and Heart stress
171.43 Heart stress/ Pulse stress are not considered in analysis but they have
155.56 Coccygeal spine diagnosis value. NormalParameters of these data
146.67 Sacral spine is not setup and fixed as they are under observations]
124.00 Spleen
112.50 Pulmonary Organs
108.61 Urine Evacuation

75.00 Thymus Pathophysiology
73.33 Frontal Brain
73.33 Mental/ Emotional/Intellect
73.33 Sinusitis
71.67 Occipital Brain
66.67 Abdomen/Intestine/Colon anomalies
60.00 Liver anomaly
59.58 Prostate Pathophysiology
52.78 Upper Limbs / Joints/ Muscles
45.00 Parietal Brain

This was the data sheet of the patient.

Summerizes Data for Treatment and management of case. ETG AyurvedScan facilitates physician for AUTOMATIC SELECTION OF APPROPRIATE AYURVEDIC CLASSICAL MEDICINE can be seen in this sheet

Summerizes Data for Treatment and management of case. ETG AyurvedScan facilitates physician for AUTOMATIC SELECTION OF APPROPRIATE AYURVEDIC CLASSICAL MEDICINE can be seen in this sheet


After going thorugh the ETG report, it was observed the highest data aquired area , are Thoracic Region in four dimensions including Lumber region. That means these entire areas are affected much more. I asked about his occupation. He told me that he is a truck driver and driving heavy vehicle many hours or thorugh out a day.

His Liver data was high. I asked about his habits. He told me that he is consuming Liqour daily in heavy quantity to avoid fatigue and pressure.

Over all in conclusion of his diagnosis, I observed both the [a] diagnosis from recorded traces and [b] diagnosis from Data received. Both are taken into consideration and in conclusion it is found that he is suffering from Tachycardia, Pulmonary anomaly, poor function of Liver, Epigastritis , Bowel’s pathophysiology etc.

Treatment / Medicine prescription;

The following medicine was pescribed;

1- Kutaj ghan vati , Arogya vardhini, Gandhak Rasayana, Prabhakar Vati, Triphala Vati and Shwas kuthar ras was prescribed
2- Arjunarisht, Kumari asav with shankhadrav was prescribed after meal both the time
3- This treatment was given for 15 days
4- I instructed him to not to consume Alcohol and should take complete rest with Pathya and Parhez.

The patient came with satisfactory relief after 15 days.His pulse was 95 per minute, which was earlier 115 per minute. His Asthama was relieved.

He was given again the similar treatment for 15 days. After this period, his pulse rate becomes normal limit and his Asthma was much better.

Recently, he have taken again 15 days medicine. On examination of his Lungs, I found that he is having a little problem, which I think, will be over rid soon.


This is one of the case which I cited here to convey the massage to the entire Ayurvedic community, how Electro Tridosha Graph/gram ; ETG AyurvedaScan system is helpful to treat the patient confidentaly, quickly, safely and scientifically with the evidence, how Ayurvedic treatment is effective in those condition, which is under estimated by the Modern Western Medicine system?