Majority  of the renal problems patient, complains about Hydro-nephrotic  complaints. What happened , when a patient goes for the Ultra Sonographic scan ,referred by a physician for clearing the doubts about a disease diagnosis, then it is pickedup by the UltraSound  Scan about the Hydro-nephrosis impressions.


Later on , it is diagnosed that patient is suffering from Ureterous calculus / some growth inside the ureter / some obstruction inside the ureter, that causes the nephrosis, because of the obstructive flow of Urine excreted by the kidney.


The inside pressure created by the obstruction of Urine inhibiting free flow, increases pressure that create load on kidney and thus forms the shape of the increased size of Kidney.



This condition is called HYDRO-NEPHROSIS.


The treatment of this condition is well treated by the Ayurvedic and Homoeopathic medicinal treatment i in combination. Almost 99.9 percent cases are cured by the use of Ayurvedic and Homoeopathic treatment. But time to time say after one month or two months interval, monitoring is essential to nephrosis by Ultrasound scanning. This scanning will help both physician and patient to know more about his /her status of the problems.


I have treated successfully many cases of Hydronephrosis. One warning is THAT PLEASE DONOT GO FOR ANY KIND OF SURGICAL PROCEDURE, this disease condition is totally curable by Ayurvedic and Homoeopathic medicine. Yes it will take time, say one month to four months.  So have a confidence with you.


For treating this condition, experts Ayurvedic & Homoeopathic physician’s hands are necessary. New Ayurvedic doctor/Homoeopaths may spoil tha case. So be careful about the physicians.


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