महीना: अगस्त 2010

DENGUE FEVER ; VIRAL FEVER ; INFECTION FEVER ; Prevention as well as Treatment

This is the season of infectious diseases in India. The condition is responsible due to heavy rain and flood. It is natural that hygenic conditions can not be maintained regularly.

This rainy weather condition brings infection. An interesting fact is with the virus that it makes lesion in the human body according to its own mood. To someone the virus can creat high fever by producing toxieamia , the others can be affected by diarrhoea, bronchitis, asthama, meningitis, severe dermatitis, skin infection, mumps, laringopharyngeal anomalies, blood anomalies and other syndromes. No body can predict the attack of virus and the parts previously.

Anyhow the infection should be treated immediately because it spread very fast.

This season, like previous seasons, I am treating successfully virus origined disease conditions by using Ayurvedic and Homoeopathic medicines.

Mostly AYURVEDIC MEDICINES are used in FEVER and other ailments;

1- Combination of the following drugs for fever, bronchitis etc;

           -Maha Jwarankush Ras one pills, Anand Bhairav Ras one pills, Sudarshan Pills one  , Lavangadi Vati with tea of Tulasi and Ginger , 4 hourly

2- In Diarrhoa, Mucous colitis, Irritable bowel syndromes, Inflammatory condition of bowels, intestinal problems

-With fever ; if the condition is with fever , include 2 tablets of Kutaj ghan vati with the fever formula

– otherwise Kutaj ghan vati 2 to four tablets four hourly should be taken

In all virus syndromes ,the combination of above said medicine is fruitful, but it is necessary to include other medicines in specifically affected parts in need, which is depend upon the action taken by physician.


I always uses a Homoeopathic combination of mother tincture, which is very effective in all infective conditions.

Mother tincturs of the following should be mixed

Kalmegh Q


Tinospora Cardifolia Q

Ceaselpinia Bonducela Q

Borrhavia diffusa Q

Echinesia Q

Mix in equal quantity. 1/4 teaspoonful to one tea spoonful should be taken 3 or 4 hourly cures every infection and of all kinds.

More mother tinctures can be mixed in the above formula, for example in bronchits or pulmonary affections – justicia adhatoda or aspidosperma etc.


These medicines can be taken along with the Allopathic medicines. Some times it happens, that antibiotics of the choice is  resisted then use these medicines.

Most of the complaints severity comes down within 24 hours and cure is possible within 3 or 4 days.

JESUS CHRIST and Human Body Electrical Behaviour and Electro Tridosha Graphy : ETG AyurvedaScan

I have read HOLY BIBLE completely a few times. When I have time , I try to read HOLY BIBLE to understand JESUS CHRIST and Christianity. I have many Christian friends and many Christian patients and I discuss with them to procure the knowledge about better understanding of Christianity.

While I was reading HOLY BIBLE NEW TESTAMENT, few years back, I got some clues, written in BIBLE, which was seems to me the backbone of the Homoeopathic Medical system. Might possible that the Father of Homoeopathy Dr Christian Freidrich Samuel Hahanemann M.D. of Germany , have got insight from Bible, because he was a true Christian and were belonging to a religious Christian family.

In Bible, John have said, which means the darkness will come out in light.
Similarly Peter have said in Chapter-2 para-9 “who called you out of darkness into the marvelous light.
Like that Luke had expressed that whole body is light and dark.
Many more similar sayings have been described in Bible.

The Father of Homoeopathy Dr CSF Hahanemaan writes in Organon of Medicine that Vital Force deranged internally and the expression of the derangements comes out peripherically. Homoeopathic medical scimece is based on the theory of the Vital Force, which is an essential and integral part of the Homoeopathy.

It is possible that the idea of the Vital Force generated in the mind of the Hahanemann from the saying of the Bible, mentioned earlier.

The Homoeopathic theory of the Psora, Sycosis and Syphilis is possible from the sayings of the Bible. 1 JOHN says in Bible Chapter-5 para-8 “And there are three that bear witness on earth, the spirit,the water and the blood, and these three agree on one. “

The theory of the Homoeopathy is somehow seems to be based on the Bible chapters. I would like to mention them here, but I think that without reading of the Holy Bible, no body can understand the soul of Homoeopathy.


I am writing book on the Electro Tridosha Graphy ; ETG AyurvedaScan system. I daily uses in practice the ETG system in patients and in treatment. These are the daily and in routine work. I am fabricating new advance level ETG machine for better uses. Few months back, when I was discussing about the features of the new machine, my engineer asked me that Doctor tell me, how much is the level of electricity in human body. I said , it is -90 mV [minus 90 mV]. My engineer asked me that I will fabricate the machine on -100mV level. I told him that it will be much better in view of sensitivity.

While I was reading Bible, I read that JESUS Christ touched the Lepers and their Leprosy have gone immediately. Women suffering from Menorrhagia got immediate cure. Some paralised persons got cure after touching JESUS. I was suddenly remembered the power of electricity in human body existence.
If you will say to anybody about these miraculous cure, no one can believe on you. But I thought seriously on these miraculous cures, which can be possible. I remembered about the minus level of the existence of human electricity level and that is according to scientist is minus 90 mV. I thought that if any extra ordinary person have more level of electrical behaviour, he can do this type of the cure/relief. It is possible that JESUS CHRIST could have his own body electrical behaviour more than the -90 mV level and say upto -100 mV level. This extra -10 mV level electrical power provided the curing capacity of the sick persons on touch.

Similarly the upper level of human electrical behaviour is varying according to the organ activities, but it never touches positive or + 100 mV.


I have found in sick persons the electrical behaviour by the help of ELECTRO TRIDOSHA GRAPHY examination system. In some patients , it is very weak and not upto the mark level. In some it is in excited stages.

The ETG traces and the waves are devided in 11 segments. The names of the waves are a,b,c,d,e,s,h,l,m,n,o. These eleven waves are the key of the ETG system.

Recently I was reading Bible and a very interesting sayings came out.
In Revelation Chapter 1 para 8 mentions “I am the Alpha and the Omega”. That means I am the beginning and I am the last. That means the birth and the death is in my hand. Coincidentally ETG waves are started from “A “ and end at “O”. The living beings records traces in the shape of vertical and horizontal lines of a to o, but dead persons traces are always in the straight lines.

Bible have much more, I will provide more to readers in future.

I repect Holy Bible and respect Jesus Christ by my heart.

When BLOOD PRESSURE does not come within normal limit after taking Anti-hypertensive drugs……what to do ?

Many High Blood pressure patient complaints that they are taking regular anti-hypertensive drugs, but their blood pressure dose not come within normal limit , while their Doctor prescribes best medicine for their complaints. Their doctor changing often this or that medicine and they have done all the essential checkups and scans , which condludes all parameters in normal limits.


If they take more anti-hypertensive medicines they feel problems all the day. On complaining to their doctor they increase the quantity of the doses but all is invain.


I will suggest following some tips to those patients , who are suffering with this problems.


  • First of all,  all patients should note it that high blood pressure is a cumulative syndromes of the physical and mental exited stages of the body organ’s pathophysiology. Ayurveda says that “removal of the cause is the removal of the diseases”. So the best way is to remove the cause of your problems. Most of the problems are appearing with the living habits and food intake. Life style is also responsible to generate likely problems.
  • So better one is, when you will change your life style , you will Improove your health condition
  • Avoid to take Iodized / plain salt. In place of this salt , better to take “Saindhav Salt” or “Lahori Namak” or “Rock salt”. I always advised my patient to take this salt  in all disease conditions since over 50 years of the Ayurveda and Homoeopathic practice.
  • Do not take extra salt in any condition. Donot prefer those food articles, which have saltis inclusions. If you cooks food in home use salt only taste levels and not more than that.
  • Avoide coffee and other stimulating food article like wine in more quantity. Coffee and wine is harmful for Blood pressure. It raises the blood pressure, if taken in more quantity.
  • Bowel clearance is very essential for High BP patient. For that take plenty of Fruits and vegetables in your food menu. Carrots, Guava and Papita are helpful for evacuation of stool. Do not take any purgative for evacuation of stool. This may harm the large intestines.
  • Avoide all kinds of mental stress, this also raises Blood pressure.
  • Avoide extra physical labour. Over physical work may cause HBP.
  • Rest is very necessary for physical fitness. Take 7 hours sleep atleast in night.
  • Fix the time of your  Lunch and Dinner, this is essential for your body clock regulation.


We have studied this condition with the help of  ELECTRO TRIDOSHA GRAPHY ; ETG AyurvedaScan system in evidenced way and in conclusion we find that the patient’s Blood Pressure is not touching normal level after taking Anti-hypertensive medications due to following anomalies;

    1. Epigastritis
    2. Bowel’s pathophysiology
    3. Irritable and Inflammatory condition of Bowels
    4. Excited Autonomic nervous system due to neuro-musculo skeletal anomalis
    5. Swelling in Abdomen
    6. Hydro-musculosis
    7. Enlarged Liver
    8. Poor function of Liver and Gall Bladder
    9. Uterus pathophysiology
    10. Renal anomalies


Ayurvedic and Homoeopathic medicines are used along with the Anti-hypertensive Allopathic drugs, prescribed by patient’s family Doctor.  


Slowly and gradually patient’s blood pressure came down within normal limit. The doses of the Anti-hypertensive drugs either were same or dose was lessened than earlier.

 Ayurveda  have foolproof treatment of this condition. A large number of medicine is available  for treating this condition. Treatment based on the line of the findings of the Electro Tridosha Graphy ; ETG AyurvedaScan  certainly cures the condition . Ayurveda believes to treat the system and not the symptoms for total cure.

Homoeopathy and other AYUSH THERAPIES can cure this condition depending upon the approach of the concerned medical practitioners.

इलेक्ट्रो त्रिदोष ग्राफी ; ई०टी०जी० आयुर्वेदस्कैन के जन्मदाता डा० देश बन्धु बाजपेयी को “विश्व मित्र” सम्मान से नवाजा गया

आयुर्वेद के महान चिकित्सक आचार्य चरक की जयन्ती हर साल नाग पन्चमी के दिन सभी वैद्य और आयुर्वेद की चिकित्सा करने वाले तथा आयुर्वेद से सम्बन्धित लोग मनाते हैं / नाग पन्चमी इस साल २०१० में दिन शनिवार दिनान्क १४ अगस्त को पड़ी है /

जिला उन्नाव , उत्तर प्रदेश में आज के दिन मुझे Brambharsi vishvamitra vaidik vigyaan shodh sansathaan ब्रम्हर्षि विश्वामित्र वैदिक विग्यान शोध सन्सथान, उन्नाव द्वारा आयोजित निशुल्क चिकित्सा शिविर, मुर्तज़ा नगर में आगन्तुक रोगियों को मुझे इलेक्ट्रो त्रिदोषा ग्राफी ; ई०टी०जी० आयुर्वेदस्कैन परीक्षण के लिये बुलाया गया था, जहा मैने रोगियों का परीक्शण करके उनकी बीमारियों को तुरन्त बताया और इसके बाद मरीजों को उपचार के लिये अन्य उपस्तिथि चिकित्सकों के पास रेफर किया गया /

सुबह ९ बजे से दिन २ बजे तक निशुलक चिकित्सा शिविर चला बाद में सम्मान समरोह और दो पुस्तकों का विमोचन किय जाना था / इसके लिये जिला उन्नाव के बान्गर मऊ के विधायक श्री कुल्दीप सिह सेन्गर और पुरवा क्षेत्र के विधायक श्री यादव जी आमन्त्रित किये गये थे/

इस अवसर पर मुझे यह प्रशस्ति पत्र दोनों विधायकों द्वारा प्रदान किया गया / २२ वर्षो के ETG AyurvedaScan की उपलब्धि के बाद यह मुझे दिया गया पहला सम्मान है / इससे पहले मुझे किसी भी सन्स्था ने सम्मान देने के इस काबिल ही नहीं समझा / जीवन का पहला सम्मान पाने के कारण यह मुझे आजीवन याद रहेगा /

जब ब्लड प्रेसर की दवा खाते रहने के बाद भी ब्लड प्रेसर समान्य न हो तब क्या करे…………

बहुत से ऐसे मरीजों को देखा है जिनको एलोपैथी की ब्लड प्रेसर की दवा खाने के बाद भी उनका ब्लड प्रेसर सामान्य नहीं होता, जबकि उनकी सभी तरह की आधुनिक जान्च कर ली गयीं और सब कुछ समान्य निकला या सामान्य निकलता है /

मैने ऐसे मरीजों को काफी समय तक Monitor किया है, बिना कोई अतिरिक्त दवा के / वे जो भी Allopathy की दवा खा रहे थे, मैने उनको वही दवा , जिस Doctor ने prescribe की थी, Doctor की सलाह लेकर लगातार लेने की सलाह दी / लेकिन इस सबके बाव्जूद उनका Blood Pressure कम नहीं हुआ /

ऐसे बहुत से लोग हैं जिनको इस तरह की परेशानी बनी रहती है, उनको मै कुछ सुझाव दे रहा हू, जिन पर अमल करने से फायदा हो सकता है /

आयोडीन जैसे नमक और सादा समुद्री नमक खाना बन्द कर दें और इसकी जगह सेन्धा नमक का प्रयोग करना शुरू कर दें / घर के सभी लोग सेन्धा नमक खाने से बहुत सी आये दिन की बीमारियों से निजात पा जायेन्गे / सेन्धा नमक खने से Blood Pressure कम होने लगता है /
अपना पेट साफ रखे / परन्तु इसके लिये कोई विरेचक चूर्ण या दस्त साफ़ लाने वाला प्दार्थ न ले / ज्यादा कब्ज की हालत में अमल्तास को पानी में भिगोकर खाने के पहले सेवन करें / अमल्तास की मात्रा कितनी लेनी है , बेह्तर है , अपने नजदीक के किसी वैद्य या हकीम से पूछ लें / हलका विरेचन के लिये त्रिफला चूर्ण का प्रयोग कर सकते है /
सुबह का नश्ता बन्द कर दें और केवल एक गिलास फलों का रस या सादा दूध सेवन करें /
दोपहर में हल्का भोजन लें और अपनी भूख से कम खायें /
अचार, दाल मोठ, नमकीन सब बन्द कर दें / जब भुख लगे तब फल या फलों का रस लें /
जिनका ब्लड प्रेसर बढा हुआ रहता है उनका इलेक्ट्रो त्रिदोष ग्राफ परीक्षण में कई तरह की कार्य विकृतियां मिलती है, जिनमें Hydro Musculosis, Epigastritis, swelling bowels pathophysiology इत्यादि बातें शामिल होती है / इन कारणॊं का इलाज कर देने से बढा हुआ blood pressure कम होने लगता है /
जब allopathy दवा खाने के बाद भी blood pressure कम नही होता तो चिकित्सक दवा की मात्रा बढा देते है / ऐसा करना ठीक नहीं होता / इससे अछ्छा है कि allopathy दवा खाने के साथ साथ यदि आयुर्वेदिक या होम्योपैथिक दवा खाये तो अधिक फायदा उठा सकते है / अपने नजदीक के किसी वैद्य या होम्योपैथिक चिकित्सक से सम्पर्क करें /
मान्सिक तनाव से दूर रहें और कोशिश करें कि मन को शान्त रखें / आपकी किसी समस्या का हल नही हो रहा है तो उस समस्या के हल के लिये प्रयास करे और सब कुछ ईश्वर के ऊपर छोड दें / यह बात हमेशा ध्यान में रखें कि सब कुछ और बहुत कुछ हम नही कर सकते / मन में इस बात का विश्वास करें और हमेशा POSITIVE THINKING को दिशा दें /

अपने सभी कार्य नियमित करें / कम से कम ७ घन्टा आराम करेम / मश्तिष्क यदि ज्यादा काम करने से थक जाये तो बीच बीच में थोड़ी थोड़ॊ देर के लिये आराम दे /

इन सब उपायों को करने से blood pressure अवश्य सामान्य होगा, इसका विश्वास करें / जब ऐसे उपाय करने से सैकड़ॊ लोगो के blood pressure सामान्य हो गये है तो उन सबका भि सामन्य होगा , जो यह सलाह अपनायेन्गे /

BRAIN TUMOUR CASE ; Recording of the ETG AyurvedaScan Tracings of a patient, suffering from ‘’ BRAIN TUMOUR ‘’ for the observation to Ayurvedic and other system’s practitioners……..treatment based on the data of ETG AyurvedaScan and Ayurvedic remedies saved the life of patient..

Below is the trace record of a BRAIN TUMOUR patient , done by the Electro Tridosha Graphy ETG AyurvedaScan system.

Electro Tridosha Graphy ; ETG AyurvedaScan  trace record of a BRAIN TUMOUR Patient

Electro Tridosha Graphy ; ETG AyurvedaScan trace record of a BRAIN TUMOUR Patient

The trace record no. 1 is showing the tendency of HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE, which was confirmed after Blood pressure reading.

The trace record no.3 is showing the presence of BRAIN ANOMALY. All the elven waves , a,b,c,d,e,s,h,l,m,n,o both vertically and Horizontally are depressed and not well elevated.

The trace record no.3 is badly bending towards clockwise direction and is filing wide gap in between d & e waves, The interpretation is showing inflammatory condition of the BRAIN PARTS.

The ETG report data of NERVOUS SYSTEM is ;
• Autonomous Nervous system 364.29
• Cerebral medulla brain 90.00
• Temporal Brain 90.00
• Frontal Brain 66.67
• Pareital Brain 45.00
• Occipital Brain 58.33

CTScan and MRI scan confirmed the diagnosis of the BRAIN TUMOUR.

Below is the reports of the patient, done by the physician.

The Nerosurgeons left the case untreated and then patient came to me for his treatment.


On request of patient’s  family members, I took  this case for treatment. Though  Allopathic Doctors said them that they have no treatment for this condition.

Now I am giving him AYURVEDIC MEDICINES. The patient condition improved after  one week treatment. Earlier he could not walk smoothly, on walk , his lower limbs was not coordinating and goes to either sides. His appetite was not well. He could not sleep well.

After one week of Ayurvedic treatment , he improoved in these problems. I have given him another one week medicines. I am collecting data, how he got this condition?

FOLLOW-UP ;  on date 05,09,2010

Patient well responded with the Ayurvedic medicine. His General physical condition improved well. Generally he have no problem and doing his routine work well. He is a shop keeper and he is doing his routine work as usual.

I instructed him , to not to do any vigourous work and he should take  sufficient rest both physical and mental.

His blood pressure is comming down slowly and gradually and is 135/98 mm Hg, which was earlier 198/124 mmHg,  his pulse rate was high but  now it is 92 per minute.

His physical condition is better comparatively than before at present. He is advised to continue Ayurvedic medicine.

FOLLOW-UP OF THE CASE / on  dated 18.09.2001

Patient  is not feeling any physical or mental  problem. He is carrying AYURVEDIC MEDICINE regularly. I have instructed him that he should change his life style and should not wake in night. He should take atleast 7 hours complete sleep. He should keep his diet acording to the diet Card, which I provide to patient. He should avoide strictly copulation at least six month.


Any Physican , Ayurvedic doctors, any branch of Medical practitioner, if want to see or check the patient, they can go directly to patient’s home  and they can examine the patient in his home. I will provide the address of the patient on request.

Any person, any similar patient, if desire to see and like to meet the patient in treatment in his home for query, the address of the patient is available on request.


EPILEPSY ; a case of EPILEPTICAL FITS, treated and cured successfully with the findings of Electro Tridosha Graphy : ETG AyurvedaScan मिर्गी यानी अपस्मार के एक रोगी का ई०टी०जी० आयुर्वेद्स्कैन की मदद और आयुर्वेदिक दवाओं का प्रयोग करके सफ़लतापूर्वक उपचार और आरोग्य

Abstract; Epilepsy is a disease condition, having syndromes of unconsciousness, restlessness before attack, foaming from mouth , twisting of legs and hands etc. This condition is persists for few minutes to many hours. This is also called epileptic seizers. It is believed by the medical practitioners that Epilepsy is difficult to cure or even relieve.

Ayurveda have answer to treat successfully Epileptic conditions with the help of ETG AyurvedaScan finding. Likeiwse some other Epilepsy cases , recentaly treated, this case proves the efficiency of ETG system and Ayurvedic medicines and treatment.

CASE Description;

Patient Male name L, age 32 years, from Navodaya nagar, Sarsaol, Kanpur came for consultation on 2nd July 2010 with the following complaints;

1- Suffering from Epileptic fits since Mid of November 2009
2- Epileptic fits duration is about 20 minutes
3- Restlessness before commencement of fits
4- Weak physically due to this problem
5- Foaming from mouth with twisting of Upper and Lower Limbs

Patient narrated that 4 years ago he was having very severe backache treated by pain killers and time to time he was taking regular pain relieving medications.

After listening him, I suggested for an ETG Examination. I recorded the ETG and told him to come day after tomorrow. Meanwhile I provided him two days medication for immediate start of treatment after recording the traces because ETG provides perfect clues of some disease conditions instantly.

The ETG report gave the following data of the patient;

Observed diseases / symptoms / syndromes ;

• Anemia [Electrically scanned 10.71 gm %]
• Bowel’s pathophysiology
• Bradycardia
• Brain anomaly present
• Cervical spondylitis
• Transverse colon inflammation, hardness with swelling
• Epigastritis with inflammation and hardness
• Excited mental emotional behaviour
• Eye and ENT anomalies present
• Mental stress
• Nervous temperament
• Pancreatic pathophysiology present
• Poor function of Liver and Gall Bladder
• Sleep disturbances
• Excited Frontal Brain region


Organs pathophysiology and pathological conditions

• Autonomic Nervous system pressure 540 e.v.
• Cervical 133.33 e.v.
• Thyroid 250 e.v.
• Shoulders [kandha] 227.78
• Epigastrium 170.00 e.v.
• Pancrease 380.00 e.v
• Large Intestines 275.56 e.v.
• Prostate 91.11 e.v.
• Lower Limbs 82.50 e.v.
• Sinusitis 322.22
• Larygopharyngeal 97.50
• Internal Throat 82.50
• Lungs / Pulmonary organs 127.50
• Heart/Pulse pressure 332.86
• Liver 192.00
• Gall Bladder 82.50
• Kidney 98.33
• Small Intestines 82.50
• Urinary Bladder 132.80

All parameters are 90-105 e.v.

1- Nervous system
• Auto nervous system 540.00
• Cerebral medulla Brain 115.00
• Temporal Brain 95.00
• Frontal Brain 322.22
• Pareital Brain 45.00
• Occipital Brain 106.67
• Sleep 115.00
• Mental / Emotional / intellect 322.22
• Memory 95.00

2- Musculo-skeletal system
• Upper Limbs / joints – muscles 227.78
• Cervical spondyle 133.33
• Joints 92.33
• Lower Limbs 82.50
• Cervical spine 457.14
• Thoracic spine 577.78
• Lumber spine 471.11
• Sacral spine 557.78
• Coccygeal spine 632.59
• Spinal cord total evaluation 238.50

3- Circulatory system
• Heart stress [pulse stress ] 332.86
• Heart Beat 65 per minute

4- Respiratory system
• Trachea / Internal throat 82.50
• Laryngeal / pharyngeal 97.50
• Pulmonary organs 127.50

5- Gastro Intestinal system

• Epigastric pathophysiology 170.77
• Liver anomaly 192.00
• Gall Bladder anomaly 82.50
• Abdomen / intestines / colon 275.56
• ICB / IBS 82.50
• Around navel and small intestines 90.00
• Liver / pancreas / spleen 380.00
• Metabolism 95.90
• Assimilation 95.90
• Intestinal pathophysiology 277.78
• Appetite 95.90
• Smaal intestines 82.50
• Stool evacuation 93.33
• Colon ascending 253.33
• Colon decending 253.33
• Colon Transverse 426.67

6- Integumentary system
• Skin ailments 80.33
• Sweat 92.33
7- Urinary systems
• Renal anomalies 98.33
• Urinary Bladder 132.80
• Urine evacuation 124.72

8- Reproductive system
• Prostate pathophysiology 91.11

9- Lymphatic immune system
• Thymus pathophysiology 133.33
• Spleen 330.00

10- Endocrine system
• Throid pathophysiology 250.00
11. EYE / Ear / Nose / Throat
• ENT anomalies 322.22

11- Other Important diagnosis
• Electrolytic imbalances 91.24
• Metabolic disorders 95.90
• Assimilative disorders 95.90
• Blood 80.33
• Hb% 10.71 mg% [electrically calculated]
• Calcium 91.24
• Serum Calcium 9.12 [electrically calculated]
• Body Fat 99.87
• Vital Force / Jivani shakti 83.90
• Body Flesh 94.67

Some features are not given due to much expension of article.


• VATA 277.73
• PITTA 236.50
• KAPHA 283.71

• VATA 89.94
• PITTA 85.65
• KAPHA 104.33

1- PRANA 101.59
2- APAN 50.00
3- SAMAN 89.94
4- VYAN 101.20
5- UDAN 77.78

1. SADHAK 87.30
2. PACHAK 130.53
3. RANJAK 85.65
4. BHRAJAK 93.10
5. LOCHAK 79.38

1. KLEDAN 100.45
2. SNEHAN 191.21
3. SHLESHMAN 104.33
4. RASAN 99.92
5. AVALAMBAN 137.80

• RAS 95.90
• RAKTA 80.33
• MANS 94.67
• MED 99.87
• ASTHI 91.24
• MAJJA 92.33
• SHUKRA 83.90

1. VATA AFFECTED Sapta dhatu
1. Ras 95.17
2. Rakta 78.22
3. Mans 94.44
4. Med 99.11
5. Asthi 87.98
6. Majja 89.48
7. Shukra 76.84

2-Pitta affected Sapta dhatu
• Ras 97.00
• Rakta 71.44
• Mans 95.00
• Med 101.00
• Asthi 88.93
• Majja 90.31
• Shukra 76.64

3- Kapha affected Sapta dhatu
* Ras 96.21
* Rakta 84.98
* Mans 94.29
* Med 100.67
* Asthi 94.59
* Majja 95.27
* Shukra 87.71

1- Purish 93.33
2- Mutra 124.73
3- Swed 113.25
OAJ / Tejas 46 [normal 48]
Sampurna Oaj 92 [Normal 84 to 100]

Some of the data are not referenced here, but they are existing in the report.

This is the data of the patient.


 This part of the report is showing the highest areas in excited level and depressed level both.


Excited level areas;

  • 632.59 coccygeal spine
  • 577.78 thoracic spine
  • 557.77 sacral spine
  • 540.00 auto nervous system
  • 471.11 lumber spine
  • 457.14 cervical spine
  • 380.00 liver/pancreas/spleen
  • 332.86 heart stress [pulse stress]
  • 330.00 spleen
  • 322.22 frontal brain
  • 322.21 mental/emotional/intellect
  • 322.21 sinusitis
  • 277.78 intestinal pathophysiology
  • 275.56 abdomen/intestines/colon
  • 250.00 thyroid pathophysiology
  • 227.78 upper limbs/joints-muscles
  • 192.00 liver anomaly
  • 170.00 epigastric pathophysiology
  • 133.33 cervical spondylitis
  • 133.33 thymus pathophysiology
  • 132.80 urinary bladder
  • 127.50 pulmonary organs
  • 124.72 urine evacuation
  • 115.00 cerebral medulla brain
  • 115.00 sleep
  • 106.67 occipital brain


The lowest   level areas  are followings

*94.67 body flesh

  • 93.33 stool evacuation
  • 92.33 joints
  • 92.33 sweat
  • 91.24 electrolytic imbalances
  • 91.24 calcium
  • 91.11 prostate
  • 90.00 naval/small intestines
  • 83.90 semen strength
  • 82.50 lower limbs
  • 82.50 trachea / internal throat
  • 82.50 gall bladder anomalies
  • 82.50 inflammatory and irritable bowel syndromes
  • 82.50 small intestines
  • 80.33 skin ailments
  • 80.33 blood
  • 45.00 pareital brain


Other misllaneous data;

    1. Health condition  91.39
    2. Heartbeat 65 perminute




The problem of the patient  is concluded  after the few steps.

  1. Patient narration of his complaint is the first clue towards the diagnosis, that he is a patient of Epilepsy. The on and off Epileptical fits and their nature confirms the Clinical diagnosis.
  2. Patient’s recorded traces shows anomalies of brain and the excited stages.
  3. Patient’s obtained data provides the intensity of the level of the problems.
  4. ETG AyurvedaScan reports shows the normal and abnormal pathophysiology of the scanned organs.


The main problem of the  patient is concluded that he is a patient of “Epilepsy”




Regarding the treatment of the patient basing on the data of the ETG AyurvedaScan, the whole systems are taken into consideration for treatment purposes. The ETG report’s findings  tend to treat the patient and not the disease by name. ETG believes  to treat the patient systems and not the symptoms.

 Ayurvedic classical edicines were given to this patient on the base of the findings of ETG record.


Patient is OK  and he have not recieved any EPILEPTICAL FITS just after the start of  Ayurvedic classical treatment. Over Two months have passed and is all correct. He left the  treatment  , leaving my advise to continue at least two more months. Patient told me  that he is all right and needs no medication further.

[ Concluded  / 05.09.2010 ]