दिन: अगस्त 19, 2010

JESUS CHRIST and Human Body Electrical Behaviour and Electro Tridosha Graphy : ETG AyurvedaScan

I have read HOLY BIBLE completely a few times. When I have time , I try to read HOLY BIBLE to understand JESUS CHRIST and Christianity. I have many Christian friends and many Christian patients and I discuss with them to procure the knowledge about better understanding of Christianity.

While I was reading HOLY BIBLE NEW TESTAMENT, few years back, I got some clues, written in BIBLE, which was seems to me the backbone of the Homoeopathic Medical system. Might possible that the Father of Homoeopathy Dr Christian Freidrich Samuel Hahanemann M.D. of Germany , have got insight from Bible, because he was a true Christian and were belonging to a religious Christian family.

In Bible, John have said, which means the darkness will come out in light.
Similarly Peter have said in Chapter-2 para-9 “who called you out of darkness into the marvelous light.
Like that Luke had expressed that whole body is light and dark.
Many more similar sayings have been described in Bible.

The Father of Homoeopathy Dr CSF Hahanemaan writes in Organon of Medicine that Vital Force deranged internally and the expression of the derangements comes out peripherically. Homoeopathic medical scimece is based on the theory of the Vital Force, which is an essential and integral part of the Homoeopathy.

It is possible that the idea of the Vital Force generated in the mind of the Hahanemann from the saying of the Bible, mentioned earlier.

The Homoeopathic theory of the Psora, Sycosis and Syphilis is possible from the sayings of the Bible. 1 JOHN says in Bible Chapter-5 para-8 “And there are three that bear witness on earth, the spirit,the water and the blood, and these three agree on one. “

The theory of the Homoeopathy is somehow seems to be based on the Bible chapters. I would like to mention them here, but I think that without reading of the Holy Bible, no body can understand the soul of Homoeopathy.


I am writing book on the Electro Tridosha Graphy ; ETG AyurvedaScan system. I daily uses in practice the ETG system in patients and in treatment. These are the daily and in routine work. I am fabricating new advance level ETG machine for better uses. Few months back, when I was discussing about the features of the new machine, my engineer asked me that Doctor tell me, how much is the level of electricity in human body. I said , it is -90 mV [minus 90 mV]. My engineer asked me that I will fabricate the machine on -100mV level. I told him that it will be much better in view of sensitivity.

While I was reading Bible, I read that JESUS Christ touched the Lepers and their Leprosy have gone immediately. Women suffering from Menorrhagia got immediate cure. Some paralised persons got cure after touching JESUS. I was suddenly remembered the power of electricity in human body existence.
If you will say to anybody about these miraculous cure, no one can believe on you. But I thought seriously on these miraculous cures, which can be possible. I remembered about the minus level of the existence of human electricity level and that is according to scientist is minus 90 mV. I thought that if any extra ordinary person have more level of electrical behaviour, he can do this type of the cure/relief. It is possible that JESUS CHRIST could have his own body electrical behaviour more than the -90 mV level and say upto -100 mV level. This extra -10 mV level electrical power provided the curing capacity of the sick persons on touch.

Similarly the upper level of human electrical behaviour is varying according to the organ activities, but it never touches positive or + 100 mV.


I have found in sick persons the electrical behaviour by the help of ELECTRO TRIDOSHA GRAPHY examination system. In some patients , it is very weak and not upto the mark level. In some it is in excited stages.

The ETG traces and the waves are devided in 11 segments. The names of the waves are a,b,c,d,e,s,h,l,m,n,o. These eleven waves are the key of the ETG system.

Recently I was reading Bible and a very interesting sayings came out.
In Revelation Chapter 1 para 8 mentions “I am the Alpha and the Omega”. That means I am the beginning and I am the last. That means the birth and the death is in my hand. Coincidentally ETG waves are started from “A “ and end at “O”. The living beings records traces in the shape of vertical and horizontal lines of a to o, but dead persons traces are always in the straight lines.

Bible have much more, I will provide more to readers in future.

I repect Holy Bible and respect Jesus Christ by my heart.