DENGUE FEVER ; VIRAL FEVER ; INFECTION FEVER ; Prevention as well as Treatment

This is the season of infectious diseases in India. The condition is responsible due to heavy rain and flood. It is natural that hygenic conditions can not be maintained regularly.

This rainy weather condition brings infection. An interesting fact is with the virus that it makes lesion in the human body according to its own mood. To someone the virus can creat high fever by producing toxieamia , the others can be affected by diarrhoea, bronchitis, asthama, meningitis, severe dermatitis, skin infection, mumps, laringopharyngeal anomalies, blood anomalies and other syndromes. No body can predict the attack of virus and the parts previously.

Anyhow the infection should be treated immediately because it spread very fast.

This season, like previous seasons, I am treating successfully virus origined disease conditions by using Ayurvedic and Homoeopathic medicines.

Mostly AYURVEDIC MEDICINES are used in FEVER and other ailments;

1- Combination of the following drugs for fever, bronchitis etc;

           -Maha Jwarankush Ras one pills, Anand Bhairav Ras one pills, Sudarshan Pills one  , Lavangadi Vati with tea of Tulasi and Ginger , 4 hourly

2- In Diarrhoa, Mucous colitis, Irritable bowel syndromes, Inflammatory condition of bowels, intestinal problems

-With fever ; if the condition is with fever , include 2 tablets of Kutaj ghan vati with the fever formula

– otherwise Kutaj ghan vati 2 to four tablets four hourly should be taken

In all virus syndromes ,the combination of above said medicine is fruitful, but it is necessary to include other medicines in specifically affected parts in need, which is depend upon the action taken by physician.


I always uses a Homoeopathic combination of mother tincture, which is very effective in all infective conditions.

Mother tincturs of the following should be mixed

Kalmegh Q


Tinospora Cardifolia Q

Ceaselpinia Bonducela Q

Borrhavia diffusa Q

Echinesia Q

Mix in equal quantity. 1/4 teaspoonful to one tea spoonful should be taken 3 or 4 hourly cures every infection and of all kinds.

More mother tinctures can be mixed in the above formula, for example in bronchits or pulmonary affections – justicia adhatoda or aspidosperma etc.


These medicines can be taken along with the Allopathic medicines. Some times it happens, that antibiotics of the choice is  resisted then use these medicines.

Most of the complaints severity comes down within 24 hours and cure is possible within 3 or 4 days.

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