When all LABORATORY TESTS and X-RAY, ULTRASOUND, CT SCAN and MRI SCAN becomes NORMAL, but patient says , he is sick and feeling physical and mental problems………..

Often we see , in our daily medical practice, that many patient comes with their records of pathological examination and scans , earlier done by their family physician recommendation, which are showing the normal condition of the patient.
After these scans and pathological reports, which shows normal parameters of these patient, it is natural to observe that in fact patient is not having any complaint and is totally fit.
Some patient becomes very furious after saying by their attending / family physician / consultants that they are fit and healthy and have no complaints over all according to the reports they have. Contrary patient says that he is feeling this and that trouble and complaints and no body understand my problems to which they are suffering, even then their Doctor says , you are fit. Patient says that I am feeling death like pain and doctor giving me medicine, which just after taken , I sleep much more and my mind did not work, nor think, I am becoming mad.

This happens in our daily practice, but what to do in these cases ?

As you all know that I always suggest to my patient for an ETG AyurvedaScan examination.
When I suggest for an ETG AyurvedaScan examination and after doing their scan, the condition becomes clear that patient is in actually having the complaints of the concerned systems.
What happened, as I have observed and studied, that the modern western medicine system’s laboratory tests are based on the Pathological conditions. If we see any scanning system, say for example Ultra sound scan, this scan is a very important diagnostic equipment for modern days medical practice and no doubt it helps a lot to physician. The data of Ultra sound is belongs into two categories. [1] It provides the shape, size of the scanned organs, whether they are in normal limit or enlarged or smaller that normal limit [2] it provides the hardness, glands, deposits, clots, pus, any foreign substance etc inside the organs scanned.
Apart from these two pathological conditions, Ultra sound with its limitations is not able to provide, how much organ is functioning and that is known as “PATHOPHYSIOLOGY” or pathophysiological conditions.
Those patients, who says that they are not well feeling, in facts , are suffering from Pathophysiological conditions and that’s why they say that they are sick.
ETG AyurvedaScan system records the pathophysiological conditions as well as Pathological anomalies upto some extent and thus treatment based on the line of the findings of the ETG is always result oriented, which we have observed since many years.

The patient gets definite cure or relieved in which we have seen that all the pathological examination and scans were normal, but patient complaints always for their unhappy physical condition.

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