WORLD HEART DAY ; विश्व हृदय दिवस

Today is the world heart day. Heart is an important organ of human body. It pumps always and rest very little. When born and when die , till this period it works and works.

Therefore every body should be very cautious about the health of his /her heart.

Ayurveda and Homoeopathy have many remedies for sick heart conditions.

Ayurveda Arjuna Chchal is a good heart tonic. The decoction of Arjuna is beneficial in almost all and every disease condition of heart.

Homoeopathy Crateagus Oxy Q mother tincture is a good heart tonic. This is a common medicine and can be used in every and all cardiac problems.

Both the remedies are safe and can be taken with the other medicine prescribed.

For prevention of Heart disorders, both the medicine can be taken once a day or in alternate days.

Follow the general rules of the maintainance of the Health like waking early in the morning, sleep before 10;30 night and so on. Rest is essential. Physical labour is must for every one and this should be done according to the health capacity.

Keep Blood pressure within normal limit.

Keep sugar level within normal limit.

There is many ways of keeping body fit and time to time cheque up of body is essential.

Below is a case of 35 years old lady suffering from the cardiac disorder along with other pathophysiological and pathological conditions. Her ETG AyurvedaScan records shows the followings;

ETG AyurvedaScan was recorded on 25th September 2010. When immediate interpretation of the recorded trace just after the register, problems narrated by me, one by one, she  told that she is suffering this problem from at the age of 17 years.

The following complaints are present, with the main anomaly ;

1- Tendency of Low Blood pressure

2- Irregular cardiac rhythum

3- Epigstritis

4- Enlarged Liver

4- Aneamia

5- Swelling in whole body

6- Hydro musculosis

7- Poor Oxidation causes suffocation some time

8- Menstrual anomaly

9- Pulse irregular

10- Cardiomyopathy present

Although she is not my patient, the case is reffered by an Ayurveda practitioner and the report is handed over to the reffering physician for their evaluation.


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