UNKNOWN VIRUS FEVER ; KANPUR city is under Viral attack ; कानपुर शहर वाइरल बुखार की चपेट में

In daily news coverage, newspapers are intimating that Kanpur city is affected under the Viral attacks of unknown origin.

I have said earlier about the Viral infection of my one of the previous post and mentioned the treatment of the same.

Now what is happening in this fever. The features, sign, symptoms and syndromes  are mentioned   below;

1- High grade temperature, from 102 to over
2- Pain in whole body
3- Pain in joints
4- Pain in muscles , causing crippled ness in walking and motion
5- Rashes red colors in skin
6- Headache
7- Nausea and Vomitting
8- Other symptoms according to the feeling of patient

I have treated  patient of Viral infection from very beginning to advance level and those patients, who were treated unsuccessfully by allopathic medicines and then as a result patient came to me for the treatment.

My findings are ;

1- Those patient , who came for treatment at the beginning of the fever , just after the exposure, got cure after two to four days time limit by use of Ayurvedic and Homoeopathic medicines.

2- Those patient , who took Allopathic medicine for few days and not cured/relieved, shifted  their treatment to Ayurveda /Homoeopathy, took 15 days for recovery, with safety of life.

Ayurvedic Medicines are used ;
1- Mahajwarankush Ras
2- Anand Bhairav Ras
3- Mrityunjay ras
4- Maha Suudarshan vati
5- Tribhuvan Kirti Ras

Each one tablets [all five, single dose] are given 3 to 4 hourly with plain water/ tea/ warm water/ tulasi-adarakh tea/honey daily recovered the fever and their symdromes, within one to two days.

Homoeopathic “Anti-biotic Mother tincture” mentioned in earlier posts, are used, in those patients, who is not willing to take the Ayurvedic medicines.

Besides this, to prevent from raising the temperature, off and on “Paracetamol Tablets 500 mg”  is used to prevent from high temperature, if raises from 102 to above. Donot use PARACETAMOL , if temperature is 102 or below.

With this, plain and cool water cloth packs on forehead is used , when raising of temperature for minimising intensity.

The safe recovery is assured without any risk, but it takes time at least for two weeks depending upon the intensity of the depth of the infection.

Take small bit of food and drinks in short as well as long interval for preventing weakness.

Do not panic mentally with this disease condition. Have faith on your doctor and treatment.

आयुर्वेदिक और होम्योपैथिक दवा खाने से वाइरल बुखार ठीक हो जाता है /

मेरे विचार से यह एक तरह का वही पुराना वाइरस है, जिसने अपना पुराना स्वरूप बदल कर इस साल फिर से नया रूप बनकर वापस लौट आया है / इस नये बैक्टीरिया के रूप में मीजल्स, मलेरिया, डेन्गू और टाइफाइड इन चार बीमारियों का एक साथ मिष्रण है , जिसके कारण मरीजॊं में इस चार बीमारियों के सिन्ड्रोम्स मिलते है /

यही कारण है जिसकी वजह से एलोपैथिक की दवायें बीमारी को काबू करने में असफल साबित हो रही है /

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