HYSTERIA ; Female Disorders related to reproductive organs stimulation

Hysteria is a wide complaints, seen in the youngester ladies both married and unmarried. It is just like EPILEPSY in men. The syndromes are differ to EPILEPSY. But the appearence of the complaint is similar externally shown.

The reason of this disease condition is mostly related to female sex organs anomalies, pathophysiology and pathological condition.

Some patients are seen with Hormonal imbalances as a consequence of menstrual disorders.

Confusion in diagnosis is a general features among physicians. Some will diagnose that unconsciousness is due to Ear, Nose,Eyes anomalies. Some say, it is due to mental thinking pattern and is thus psychological, some will say that it is due to any brain anomaly and improper functioning of the brain is responsible for the disease condition.

Parents / gaurdians in rural areas goes to OJHA for JHADPHUNK ,believing that some impure spirit intered into the body and that is creating the problem. Even this practice is going on in Urban and in metropolitin cities.

Scientifically, what I got experiences in these cases, this condition is happening from the following reasons;

[1] If patient is aneamic and her menstruation siezed, say amenorrhoea, more susceptible to Hysteric attacks.

2- Painful Menstruation, irregular menstruation and menstruation with spasm creates hysteric problem before or after menstruation.

3- Malnutrition is one of the associate problem of Hysteria

4- Hormonal imbalances, such as pathophysiology of Thyroid, Pathophysiology of Thymus can trigger to Hysteric fits with the excitation of Thalamus and hypothalamus actvation.

There is many other reasons responsible for Hysteric fits and this is an associated complaints of a combination of some organs.

With the help of ETG AyurvedaScan we have treated successfully many cases of Hystera with Ayurvedic medicines.

We have used Rajah Pravartini Vati, Pushyanug Churna, Bramhi Vati, Smarati sagar ras, Sarsvat vati along with the findings of ETG Ayurveda
scan time to time monitoring.

In our opinion total cure is possible, if treatment is basing on the findings of the ETG AyurvedaScan.

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