दिन: नवम्बर 27, 2010


I am still reading Text books of medical sciences for updating my knowledge. Reading is a daily practice of mine and every day I read standard books of Practice of Medicine, Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology and other subjects , related to medical science.

The reason for reading the medical science book  is,  that Electro Tridosha Graphy ; ETG AyurvedaScan system requires a co-ordination in between the modern western medical sciences as well as old classicals of Ayurveda like Charak samhita, shushrut samhita, Bhav Prakash, Vagbhatta and others.

ETG AyurvedaScan is related to PHYSIOLOGY subject matters, therefore before one year, I purchased a book titled TEXT BOOK OF PHYSIOLOGY by Prof. AK Jain.

During my studies in medical college, I read Halliburton’s Physiology and C.C. Chatterjee’s Text Book of Physiology. With this I have some other books on Physiology, which was purchased by my son and my daughter during the studies in Medical college respectively.

Comparatively I have observed that Prof. AK Jain’s Physiology is best among the others. The Presentation of the book is very nice and full of colors. The Language is very simple to grasp and the subject matter is so logically settled that once you read the subject matter, it is automatically assimilated by the mind, just like listening the words.

A new chapter inclusion on YOGA  SCIENCE’s PHYSIOLOICAL Studies is very interesting and I think the entire world will see the scientificity of Yoga, which is a traditional science of our country.

The quality of subject matter dealt in this book, is of super class and very interesting.

I think, the book should be kept in collection by every student, proffessor, teacher, readers etc. of  Human Physiology.

Thanks Prof. AK Jain,  for your contribution in the field of PHYSIOLOGY.  I hope, that in future editions of this book , will be much better and elaborated.