दिन: दिसम्बर 7, 2010


Last many years, I am using a PAIN RELIEVER & PAIN Curative herbal decoction of Ayurveda with imense success.

The formula of the herbs are very simple and is well known to all ayurvedicians.

The fact is behind this formula that I suffered from Neuro-musculo-skeletal problems before 25 years in form of Cervical spondylitis, Lumber pain, Knee joints pain, Elbow joints pain with muscular rigidity. The pain worsens after sleep, during rest and waking in morning. Generally for quick relief I took Ayurvedic and Homoeopathic medicine for painful condition and when pain sometimes bothered me, I took ALLOPATHY PAIN KILLERS. After one year, this included in my habits and pain appeared severely on and off without any notice. I was going to be in addiction of pain killers, when pain aggravated during sleep or during rest etc. I was going to be addicted to pain killers, this bothered me oneday.

I thought that I should find a solution of stable cure for my painful condition and I should leave my dependency on pain killers, because pain killers damages the vital organs, which was well known to me.

I thought that I should find a formula of herbs, which should be having an effective role to minimise the painful condition. I started to find out the formula from Ayurveda classics.

I selected DASHMUL and NIRGUNDI and RASNA for the use. Each DASHMUL one part is taken, two parts of NIRGUNDI and RASNA are taken. I made a powder of these herbs.

I had not adopted the classical way of the preparation of Ayurveda Decoction [Quath]. I developed my own way of preparation of decoction in the following way.

I took one tea spoonful of the powder of the above mentioned herbs and one cup of plain water and one or two spoon sugar and then I boiled this mixture upto first boils.

I keep this boiled mixture for few minutes and when it becomes lukewarm, I seized it and drink.

This mixture, I started to take four hourly. When I took first dose of the decoction, after one hour I felt that my pain is minimising and I felt that after every dose of the decoction, I am feeling well in my painful condition. I used one week this formula and attack of the pain had gone. Later I started to take this formula , once in a day for maintenance of the painful condition.

The formula was given to similar painful condition of the patient, suffering from Arthirits, Musculoskeletal anomalies, Osteogenic problems etc. The results were amazing to minimise the pain and upto cure of the said problems.

I still use this formula for painful conditions and in my opinion that it cures / relives all kinds of pain and painful conditions, whatever they may be named. The taste is palatable and this can be taken with the sugar and without sugar, according to the wish of the users.

I use this formula in my practice still today. The demand of this herbal decoction increases in Winter season every year.