Ayurveda Eight fold’s among is RASAYANA ; an overview of this THERAPY

AYURVEDA is divided in eight folds to understand and cover over all in view of every corner coverage of the treatment. The olden practitioners never left any corner that could be said uncover the treatment of diseases. These eight folds are ;

1- Shalya that means Surgery. The Surgical procedures are narrated in classical books of Ayurveda
2- Salaakya that means Treatment including surgical procedures of ENT Ophthalmology etc.
3- Kaumar Bhritya that means Midwifery, Gynecology and pediatric
4- Kaay chikitsa that means General and specific practice of medicine
5- Agad tantra that means Toxicological treatment including environment, infections etc
6- Bhut vidya that means Psychiatry and mental health
7- Rasayan that means treatment of pathological disorders originated disease conditions, Geriatric, maintenance of health conditions etc etc
8- Bajikaran that means maintenance of health physically and mentally to achieve the goal of Long life

Here RASAYANA part is taken for discussion. The fact is that Rasayan is closely related to one of the fundamental basics of Ayurveda medical system SAPTA DHATU.. Sapta dhatus are seven in numbers and are recognized below;

1- RAS
4- MED

The above mentioned titles are closely related with the PATHOLOGY of the Modern Western Medicine. It seems to us that our ancestors had recognized and perceived the disease phenomenon right from the beginning to the end. That’s why it looks they had categorized the pathology in seven section as they had conceived.

RAS dhatu is actually closely related to METABOLIC DISORDERS. RASAYANA word is divided in two words RAS + AYAN. If we see Charak samhita and read the RASAYANA chapter, we observe that this chapter covers the over all seven segments of SAPTA DHATU. The mentioned medications and formulae are covering the RAS and other anomalies of AYURVEDIC PATHOLOGY.

Ancestor Practitioner of Ayurveda observed that whatever we eat that is digested and assimilated and thus makes BLOOD, again this blood nourishes FLESH and FAT and BONES and BONE MARROW and lastly the vital part SEMEN, which provides body building and stamina. The systematic evaluation like this, can be treated easily by RASAYANA medicine, mentioned in the classical books of AYURVEDA.

We have evaluated the above mentioned statements in the light of Electro Tridosha Graphy ; ETG AyurvedaScan system’s findings and we have perceived that certain medicine work satisfactorily. We are working on this line and we are getting good results. Further research work is still in progress.


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