ASCITES ; ETG AyurvedaScan Recorded traces of an ASCITES Patient

A male, 36 years old patient came for consultation , who was earlier treated by Allopathic physician and his all pathological and Ultrasound examination were within normal limit and his Allopathic physician asked him that he is not having physical problem. He took Allopathic treatment from 01.01.2011 to 19.01.2011.

When he could not get any relief , he came for consultation to me and I recorded his ETG Ayurvedascan on 20.01.2011.

The Total 42 traces are recorded and below 26 traces out of 42 are given.

The Immediate traces were read and observed and the immediate findings came as ;

1- Enlarged Liver with poor function
2- Spleen Enlarged
3- Swelling with hardness Epigastrium region
4- Swelling in whole Abdomen from Epigastrium to supra-pubic region
5- Poor function of Renal system
6- Abnormal Body temperature

Ayurvedic Tridosha ; KAPHAJ PITTAJ dwidoshaj were established.


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