A case of CARDIOVASCULAR ANOMALIES ; Trace records shows the changes in Electrical behaviour of Human body

A patient consulted me on 29th  June 2009. On the day I recorded his ETG AyurvedaScan. The treatment of the anomalies founded were treated by me . I have given him Ayurvedic treatment. His first trace record shows like under;

After a long gap, patient came for another ETG AyurvedaScan test, on 30th January 2011. The trace record is given below;

See and observe here the traces for comparison, many changes are seen in traces that shows the changed electrical behaviour of the human body.


Electro Tridosha Graphy ; ETG AyurvedaScan examines the whole body in view of determination of Ayurvedic fundamentals presence, including diagnosis of disease problem’s existence.

 ETG system is based on the principals of the Electrical activities and electrical behaviours of the human body , generated by ion exchanges and body metabolic activities. Studies shows that every organ of the body is emitted electrical impulses according to their strength and health condition.

In the above mentioned case, it is very clear , when see and observe comperatively, appearance of changes in many leads shows that changes comes after treatment, whatever the treating system Ayurveda, Unani, Yoga and nature cure, Sidhdha or Homoeopathy etc etc.




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