“Dr. DBBajpai, you write very wrong English, which is unable to understand “ says an E-zine editor ; आन लाइन ई०जीन के एक सम्पादक ने कहा, “डा० डी०बी० बाजपेयी, आप अन्ग्रेजी भाषा बहुत गलत लिखते है /”

I do agree with the version of the editor of e-zine magazine that I write very incorrect and wrong English language. I accept it and thanks to editor.

Let me say something in this connection. First of all, English is not my mother tongue, nor I born in any mainland of the English spoken country. I should clear that my mother tongue is BAISAVARI, which is spoken in the region of UNNAO areas upto RAIBAREILLY. In my childhood I learnt Urdu and Muria language in village primary school. When I came to KANPUR, it was HINDI language, which was taught in Municipal school at 50s.

Secondly Doctors are only doctors and not a literary person, who have a huge vocabulary of the language in their mind and using an appropriate word while writting.

Thirdly, it is not necessary that every doctor or surgeon have a capability to express his experiences in scientific research language. Doctors are practical in their knowledge because what they directly apply their knowledge in treating patient, can not exactly translate in the words. The expression could be in crude language, which may be said unscientific in view of others.

Fourthly it is the doctor’s calibers and practical experiences that whole world is enjoing the best health providing sectors. Which makes a base for other scientific investigations?

Some also says that I am also poor in HINDI language. I do agree that I am not very perfect in case of langauge either in English or in Hindi.

I leave on to you all readers, how you evaluate my expression of language?


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