A case of Chronic THROMBOCYTOPENIA ; Reduced Platelet production ; Treated successfully by Ayurvedic medicines on basis of the findings of Electro Tridosha Graphy; ETG AyurvedaScan Report

This is a case of an Allopathic physician aged 60 years, who suffered from Viral Dengue hyperpyrexia and allied syndromes like Muscular-skeletal joints and articulation problems in August, 2006. He took allopathic medicines for his ailments, which relieved his Dengue problem but he suffered from joints and other syndromes.

After Blood pathological examination , this came in his notice that his platelets counts became down upto 15 thousands, a normal count is 1 lack 50 thousands to 4 lack 50 thousand, that created an agony to physician. His Hemoglobin became 6 mg% and for that he required to transfuse blood. He was advised to take 40 milligrams STEROID daily. He was admitted SGPGI Lucknow for three months. The practice of treatment was in run throughout four and half years.

One patient of mine asked the Physician, that Dr DBBajpai is treating patient on the basis of the findings of a newly invented technology ETG, if he desire for Ayurvedic treatment, he should go to Dr Bajpai and consult him.

The physician came to me and narrated his all story, I suggested him to go for an ETG examination.

The following wordsheet will provide all the data.

On the basis of the data, it is concluded that the patient is having , three main problems;

1- Bowel’s pathophysiology is present
2- Hepatospleenomegaly is present
3- Blood anomaly is present

The following Ayurvedic medicines were prescribed;

a- Kutajghan vati one pills
b- Arogyavardhini vati one pills
c- Gandhak Rasaayan one pills

To be taken Morning and Evening one dose daily with plain water

d- Sarivadyaasav 20 milliliters with equal quantity of water after Lunch and after Dinner

Patient was advised to carry treatment 90 days continuous.

On 6th January 2011 , pt came and told me that he is not taking STEROID from last two months and his swelling of whole body is vanished and other syndromes are relieved. His Blood platelets count is now 80 Thousand and he is feeling well than before.

I advised him to carry similar medicines for again 60 days. I told him that medicines will be changed after second ETG AyurvedaScan findings.

Comments; Ayurvedic treatment based on the findings of ETG AyurvedaScan is always fruitful and result oriented, which we have experienced after treating thousands of cases in our practice.


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  1. That is written well. Definitely Ayurveda is one of the safest methods to cure diseases. Many medicines are being launched into the market without proper tests on its side effects. People use these medicines without much knowledge and finally get affected by some other diseases as a side effect of the medicine. These issues should be taken care of and the responsible authorities/ people should be punished.Recently I read an article about a medicine that got banned in India due to its side effects. Follow the article at http://www.sinapseblog.com/2011/02/india-says-no-to-paediatric-use-of.html

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