दिन: अप्रैल 14, 2011

गुजराती भाषा में छपा आयुर्वेद का अदभुत ग्रन्थ ; “रसोध्धार तन्त्र” ; A Unique GUJARATI LANGUAGE Ayurveda classics book ‘RASODHDHAR TANTRA”

Below is the copy of the front page of the book RASODHDHAR TANRA, a classic composition of Ayurveda in GUJARATI LANGUAGE. This is a rare book, which I got it from the collection of my maternal Uncle, my mother’s eleder brother, Mahamahopadhyay Shri Kali Prasad ji Shashtri, editor of SANSAKRATAM weekly news paper, published from AYODHYA, U.P.

[details will be given soon]

Among the many  unique features of this book, one  is that it contains the formulea of seasons of a years, as classified by Ayurveda, the RITUS, ras aushadhi formulea known as GRISHMANAND RAS  to be used in summer season, SHISHIRANAND RAS  for Shishir ritu ailments and so on.

The most attractive features of this book is given in RAJYAKSHAMA chapter, where we find the diseases features similar to AIDS, HIV, Hepatitis B and so on and many more.

A Formula of MAHASARSWATI SURA  in chapter RASAYANA is vey attractive to prepare the SURA for Ayushyavardhak purposes. It seems to me that at the time of Monarchy in Gujarat states, the Ayurvedicians at that time formulated the formula for kings and rulers. The uses of this SURA is much mote better descripted in comparison to MRIT SANJIVANI SURA. In this RASAYANA chapter many more Rasayana are formulated for AYU Vardhan and to avoid early Old age. The mentioned formulea are beneficial for the treatment of the OLD AGE problems and in GERIATRICS ailments successfully.

In year 1961 , I was living in GUJARAT in ANKALESHWAR near to Chyota Bazar, a railway station and small city, en route from  BADODARA  to  SURAT railway line. I studied there few months. Therefore , I can read and understand Gujarati Language.