A memorable Photograph of year 1977

[ Introduction to Photo; From Left to right; (1) Dr Desh bandhu Bajpai, Kanpur (2)one unknown gentleman (3) Dr Med Walther Zimmermann , Munich, Germany (4) Dr. K.N. Khanna, Kanpur]

One of my memorable photograph with my German Homoeopathic Teacher Dr.med. Walther Zimmermann, Chefartz [Chief physician/director/CMS], Krankenhaus fuer Naturheilweissen, Harlaching, Muenchen [Munich], Germany, when he visited New Delhi in year 1977 to attend the World Conference of Homoeopathy , organised by International Homoeopathic League with his wife Dr.med.gyn. Y. Zimmermann.

This photograph was taken by Mrs. Zimmermann. While she was shooting the film an unknown gentleman penetrated himself for the Photograph forcibly. I could not say anything at that time because of presence of my respectable teacher and visiting guest Dr Zimmermann.

My father died all of sudden before 14th day of the beginning of the conference. Due to this hurdel, my hair was cutoffed and I attended without hair the conference.

Dr. K.N. Khanna of Kanpur was with me and he is standby Dr. Zimmermann.


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