दिन: मई 16, 2011

COLITIS ; A totally rootout curable disease condition

Colitis is a very common disease condition and the majority of the population of the world is suffering with this condition.

The colitis is a disease condition of the LARGE INTESTINES in general but sometimes SMALL INTESTINES are also involved in specific disease conditions like Tuberculosis and other infections like coli, cocci etc.

The problem is mostly seen in every age group but most prominent in youngesters and middle aged persons.

Yougers are also involved with this problem.

Colitis disease condition is divided in several stages; [1] Semi Acute [2] Acute [3] Chronic [4] Long Lasting etc. Inflammaetary Colitis, Ulcerative Colitis, mucous colitis etc are the conditions of this disease.

In AYURVEDIC MEDICAL SYTEMS , Colitis is a totally rootout curable disease condition. I have cured many many cases of the colitis successfully and even today treating the similar conditions.

Ayurveda have a lot of formulea of treating this condition.

DUGDHA KALP and MATHTHA KALP procedure is adopted for severe and incurable condition of COLITIS, where all medicines failed and are not reacting properly in patient.

RAS KALP with the prohibition of diet is a sure shot treatment of COLITIS.

Many medicines are used in the treatment of COLITIS, but among them PARPATI of defferent mades are used for the treatment according to the disease condition, among them RAS PARPATI, PANCHAMRIT PARPATI, VIJAY PARPATI, SWARN PARPATI are famous for their actions on entire COLON and Gastro Intestinal tract and is very beneficial, if used with or without KALP including prohibition of diet.

COLITIS is a totally curable in AYURVEDA.