दिन: मई 21, 2011

IF SUGGESTED for a Surgical Operation ; Adopt Ayurvedic and Homoeopathic Treatment ; A Lady PREGNENTED after 8 years of her marriage, declared INFERTILITY case

If your physician, suggest you for a surgical operation of your complaints, donot materialise the idea of surgery atonce.

I am not talking here for those surgical conditions, which requires immediate attention or in emergency surgery becomes necessary in case of trauma / accidents and so on..

There is so many conditions , which donot require immediate surgery, which may be  some og the followings ;

1- Glands
2- Stones Renal and Gall Bladder
3- Uterus aoomalies including infertility, fallopian tubes blockages
4- Fibrosis fibroids

So many conditions are founded for surgical interventions, in which many of them donot require immediate surgery.

Among  these cases, most of the conditions are treatable successfully by Ayurvedic medicines and Homoeopathy including   other AYUSH therapies and  are helpful for total cure of these conditions.

A very latest case of a female from Distt; BARABANKI shows the unnecessary surgical intervention. Last year 2010 in the month of October a MUSLIM lady consulted me for Fibroids in her Uterus , detected after Ultrasonography examination. With this she ULTRASONOGRAPHY SCAN shows that she is aslo  having bilateral kidney stones in big number of variuous small sizes. Prevoiusly and presently She was taking Allopathy  treatment of a lady doctor from Lucknow for her INFERTILITY problems because she have no issue after of Eight years of her marriages duration. Her Husband and she also very anxious for a children. The Allopathic doctor advised her to remove her Uterus because of number of presence of Fibroids and other hormonal problems and also said her that she will never be concieved / pregnent . She refused for OPERATION. She came from Barabanki to Kanpur for consultation. Barabanki is about 120 kilomwters away from Kanpur.

I examined her and told her that she should not go for any surgical intervention,  if she will go for any surgical treatment, there is no gaurantee of PREGNANCY in future. My experince since many years, that if any female goes for any minor or major surgical intervention for example D & C [dilation and curretion] and other processess, PREGNANCY is impossible or difficult in these cases, so I warned her and I prescribed combined medicine for her RENAL STONE and Uterus problems. For renal stone I prescribed a combination of Homoeopathic mother tinctures and for Uterus , Fibriods, Hormonal anomalies etc , I prescribed AYURVEDIC MEDICINE.

I asked the lady that she shuld carry the treatment atleast for FOUR months and after that she can consult me again.

She visited my clinic on 01st May 2011 with the complaint that she is having continuous pain in her weist at right side.

After thorough examiantion, I concluded that the pain is no more related to Renal system, nor it is Intestinal / colon pain.

After going thorugh all examination procedure, in conclusion I suggested her for an repeat ULTRASOUND examination of whole abdomen, because previously ultrasound was one year old. I thought that a fresh U/s examination is necessary to see the changes in one year duration.

She went for U/s scan and she showed me report , which was very amazing;

“in report many Reanal stones were melted in size and in numbers, her fibroids were gone and was no traces of any FIBROIDS in her UTERUS but the most wonderful thing happened and that was ” a preganancy of 11 weeks and the embryo condition is normal in function and in size and and in progress inside the UTERUS”.

I told her husband that he should go back to his home and consult any Gyneacologist either in BARABANKI or in LUCKNOW.

This is perhaps 5th case of   late preganancy in my practice life., when patient came for the treatment of some other disease condition but as a result sudden pregnented.


My Experience with these cases are related to the concept of AYURVEDA or other AYUSH therapies, which advocates that  WHOLE BODY should be treated in any disease condition, because human body is a SINGLE UNIT  and should not be divided in parts or organs.