दिन: मई 28, 2011

HORMONAL ANOMALIES ; Cure is possible by AYUSH therapies ; ETG AyurvedaScan based treatment cures all types of THYROID and other ENDOCRINES disorders

Hormonal system of Human body is an essential part of our daily activities. Metabolism, assimilation, digestion, strength, Blood pressure, regulation of Glucose and sugar, mental and emotional behaviours etc etc are dependent upon the good health and normal functioning of Endocrinal systems, which is also known as HORMONAL system.

Most of the people’s donot know about the treatment of the Endocrinal systems in other therapeutic systems prevalent in INDIA. General public knows that Modern western medicine have only answer for the treatment of ENDOCRINAL complaints, but this is not true.

AYURVEDA and Homoeopathy and UNANI system of medicine have grace to treat the ENDOCRINAL DISORDERS successfully.

By the advent of the AYURVEDA scanning system “ETG AyurvedaScan”, now it is possible to pin point problem of the individual patient, at the root level, from where the problems are generated. The ETG system provides the data of the various VISCERAS, including Autonomic Nervous system and others essential parameters , which are used in the ANALYSIS, SYNTHESIS, CONCLUSION of the problems and finally to translate the data in treatment and management.

Our studies show that ETG based treatment of the ENDOCRINES anomalies are always successful to root out the problems as well as to minimize the tendency of the disorders.