CELL PHONE ; electro-magnetic emission can be nulled by keeping COINE shaped small MAGNETS in pocket

I am keeping two small COINE shaped magnets in my pocket. The reason behind keeping the maganets was, that I was fearing about the electro-magnetic emission of the CELL PHONE, while in use. It happens to me daily , when I wear off my clothes after work, many times a spark liberate from my finger to any metallic substance in contact, with a shock / shot to my extremetiy. It happens several times to me.

I am working on the ELECTRICAL BEHAVIOUR OF THE HUMAN BODY and my subject is related with the electrical activities including development of the technology for scanning whole body electrically.

Sometimes the liberated spark was so powerful that it gave me a powerful shot to my hand, causing immediate shock.

This was the point, which tend me to findout the solution what to do ?

I practiced MAGNETO THERAPY previously and still today. I thought that I should keep one small coine shaped MAGNET in my pocket and I done. Later another one coine shaped smaal magnet, I keep in my pocket.

After keeping this coine shaped magnet in my pocket, the electrical spark is nulled and never happen again since last six months.

In my opinion, keeping a small magnet in pocket could be a solution of the electro-magnetic emission of the CELL PHONE. I think everybody should use this small device to prevent the body from emission.


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