दिन: जून 11, 2011

Regarding studies on LEUCODERMA / VITILIGO with the help of Electro Tridosha Graphy ; ETG AyurvedaScan system

Below is the flow chart of the LEUCODERMA ANOMALY.

We have studied that LEUCODERMA disorder is happened due to impact of various other anomalies of the organ’s pathophysiology / pathophysiology and the anomalies of the other important body systems.

With the ETG AyurvedaScan system, we have tried to correlate the anomalies in view of comprehensiveness. We have oserved that in each and in every individual patient of VITILIGO / LEUCODERMA, there is some specific marked individual pathophysiological intensities present, which specify to segregate the other similar problem’s patient. Thus two similar problem’s patient have dissimilar intensities in their pathophysiological / pathological conditions. These conditions are most beneficial and helpful in the treatment , doses of Ayurvedic medicine, selection of appropriate and individual Ayurvedic drugs etc. That’s why we have got the best results not only in the treatment of LEUCODERMA / VITILIGO , but all along with the existing ailments treatment like Diebeties, Cardiac Disorders etc etc.

See below the FLOW CHART , how LEUCODERMA finally seen on skin.