BLOOD PURIFIERS of Ayurveda Medical Science

Impurities of Blood or presence of toxines in Blood stream was first detected by the Ayurvedicians hundreds and thousands years ago.

It looks very mysterious, how the olden time practitioners of Ayurveda observed that the blood impurities cause many ailments and produces different types of ailing conditions.

Even tooday medical practitioners see hese ailing conditions and observe it in their patients in a very easy way. But it looks stranguous to Ayurvedic practitioners, how their OLDEN PRACTITIONERS had detected these Blood impurities, which causes many ailing conditions.

It seems that the Fundamental Principles of Ayurveda were established after a careful scrutiny of the years and years observations by the Master Practitioners, which confirmed the role of [1] Atiology [2] Pathophysiology [3] Pathology in the sense of diagnosis,treatment and management of the sick individual.

Ayurvedicians observed that the AGNI [ digestive fire] when mal-functioning, then digestion becomes poor and thus undigested food produces many unwanted substances, which are not suitable to health. These unwanted sunbstances are called AAMA in Ayurveda and in modern medical science “toxins”.

AAMA disturbes RAS DHATU, this is the first stage of the assimilation of the food according to Ayurveda and this RAS substances are converted into RAKTA DHATU, that means “Blood”.

When Toxine contained BLOOD runs in blood stream, it canl cause many ailments and of various types and can affect any system of the human body.

To treat these conditions, Ayurvedicians formulated BLOOD PURIFIERS ofvarious kinds, containing herbs, minerals, animal substances etc etc.

Use of any Blood purifier can cure the ailments caused by any toxins of any nature.

RAKT SHODHAK KWATH / MAHA MANJISTADHI KWATH are the best blood purifier of AYURVEDA among the thousands of thousands blood purifiers formulae.


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