VOMITTING ; tendency of Vomit ; the symptom indicates acute to severe problem

Retching or vomitting is a common disease condition , often seen in general practice. But in fact, the symptom indicates some problem in the internal organs or any system of body.

Any thing , which is eaten, comes out with force by a spasmodic action of stomach. Some times only vomit action repeats without any food.

The reason of this symptom is related with the more acid formation in stomach or weak secretion of acid, which helps in digestion. When food remains in stomach , over the due time , bacterias increases and the infection level beomes more in stomach, causing weak anabolic to metabolic action. This process creates failure or slow to go down the food into gut, which is considered as an abnormal physiological process.

When food remains in stomach more than the normal time, autonomic nervous system activates and trigers the signals to stomach areas for emptying and evacuation of food by spasmodic action of stomach muscles. As soon as the signals activates a vigorous neuro-muscular contraction takes place, which contracts the stomach walls and thus the food comes out through mouth.

In many disease condition, the autonomic nervous sysem , which controls various internal organs and visceras , when becomes pathophysiological and pathological abnormal, the internal impact of these abnormalities express their condition through this symptoms.

The disease condition could be of any kind and nature internally, it may be Uterus related problem, it may be Bowel problem, it may be Liver problem, it may be Kidney problem, it may be hormonal problem and others, but the expression of VOMIT symptom should be consider seriously, if it repeates often.

The treatment can be symptomatic in acute stage, but in chronic cmndition the main problem should be detected and then treated accordingly.

AYURVEDA have many remedies for this condition. As for as AYURVEDA is concern, in obstinate cases of VOMIT syndromes, an ETG AyurvedaScan based treatment is sure to cure the condition.


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