Electrical changes occurs after Ayurvedic Treatment, EVIDENCES cure of problems of a CARDIAC SURGERY and grafting of Arteries, post operative complications case, bases on the findings of ETG AyurvedaScan report

A patient from Ahamdabad , Gujarat came to Kanpur before five months on 20th March 2011 for the treatment of his coplaints , arouses after CARDIAC SURGERY and grafting of arteries.

Patient gave his complaints likely;
1- He was suffering from FEVER after surgery and was not cured by taking best medications
2- Dyspnea on least and little movement and walk, causing rapid respiration, which persists upto long hours
3- Lumber pain causing inhibition of movements and long walk
4- His weight is increasing gradually, medications are not effective
5- Swelling in whole body, lower limbs are more affected, facial swelling increases after waking
6- Constipated ; stool evacuation after three days, hard stool difficult to expel out
7- Skin infection, itching , dermatic eruptions, Allopathic physician diagnosed infection of blood
8- High Blood pressure, which is not comming normal after taking best Antihypertensive medications.

I suggested patient to go for an ETG AyurvedaScan examination. His ETG AyurvedaScan recorded on the 20th March 2011. The record is for the observation of the readers.

Below is the followup ETG AyurvedaScan , recorded on 20 / 08 /2011. See and observe the changes in Electrical Behaviour of the patient.

Observation with the comparision of the earlier recorded trace shows tremendous changes in the traces recorded afterwards.

On 20 March 2011 , when patient first visited in clinic , he gave the following complaints, which developed after cardiac surgery .

1. Fever always persisted in between 99 F to 100 F degree.

 After five months Ayurvedic treatment , fever is cured.

No problem again reappeared.

2. Rapid respiration , severe Dyspnea on least movement, even moving body and changing postures.

After five months Ayurvedic treatment , resoiratory problem is cured.

No problem again reappeared.

3. Lumber pain since 7 years, now cured

4. Gaining weight after cardiac surgery , which was 90 kgs on 20/08/2011.

Now after five month the weight is 83 kgs.

5. Swelling in whole body, now he have no swelling in his body
6. Severe constipation and goes for stool after two / three days, now he is going daily for  stool. No constipation.
7. Infection in blood was present before five months, now presently have no infection

8. His Blood pressure is now normal and he is taking very nominal HBP Allopathic medications along with Ayurvedic medicines

On 20th August 2011, patient followup was recorded. Patient belongs to Ahamadabad , Gujarat. He was happy with his progress of his problem aroused after grafting of artery in his heart.

Treatment given; The following Ayurvedic medicines were prescribed on 20th March 2011.

1- Punarnavamandur
2- Gandhak Rasayan
3- Nagarjunabhra ras
4- Hridyarnavaras
5- Abhayarist
6- Sarivadyasav

To be taken Morning and Evening and after meal. Patient uses these medicines for five months.

The patient is again given a fresh prescription on the new findings of the ETG report.

Conclusion; In conclusion, it shows that ETG AyurvedaScan system is beneficial on those disease conditions , where it is supposed no treatment. The follow-up traces record shows in evidenced way of the efficiency of the diagnosis done by the ETG system. The Electrical changes occurs after Ayurvedic Treatment , evidences cure of problems, which patient had, if bases on the findings of ETG AyurvedaScan report.


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