दिन: फ़रवरी 14, 2012

ETG AyurvedaScan system facilitates to “measure” LOVE and EMOTIONS and SEXUAL INSTINCT of the human beings

Primery Version of ETG AyurvedaScan system

Primery Version of ETG AyurvedaScan system

Mapping and scanning of human body with the help of ETG AyrvedaScan machine , can deliver the inensity of LOVE and Emotional parameters in e.v. [etg value] respectively.

After automatic measurement feeding of data in computer software from ETG Ayurvedacan machine, a Computer generated report is recieved ,which facilitates the evaluation of love and emotion of a human being of every age condition.

The data from “brain” , from “nervous system”, from “Hormonal glands”, from “general health condition” and others, simultaneously provides the MENTAL and PHYSICAL intensity of Love and Emotions and ofcourse the SEXUAL INSTINCT also.

ETG AyurvedaScan system is an Ayurvedic Scanning system, which mapping the whole body electrically by ETG AyurvedaScan machine, basing on the philosophy of Ayurveda Fundamentals entirely.