दिन: मार्च 30, 2012

CONSTIPATION ; a general health problem

Improper evacuation of feacal matters or stool per day , if not satisfactory and it seems that some stool is remained inside the Large Intestine and thus causes problem, this could be a constipation condition.

Constipation causes many ailments and is called the mother of disease condition. The infection theory of today can be correlated with the function of Intestines in the reference way that B coli or E coli bacteria plays an improtant role for the proper functioning of Intestines physiology. Bacteria of intestnes are always keeps themselves in a natural quantity required accordig to the need of body. By any means, whether they could be external or internal , the flora of bateria mbalances and then causes health problems . The first impression could be a CONSTIPATION stage.

Anyhow, CONSTIPATION can be over rid by the following instructions;

1- Take a plenty of water, this keeps the consistency of stool, mild and soft. Hard stool always causes constipation. To make soften stool, drink plenty of water and when thirst, take immediate liquids.

2- Fruite Salad, Vegetable salad should be included in Food and diet. Take pleny of salad and fruits.

3- Vegetables and raw food should be included in main meals

4- AMALTAS , an ayurvedic herb, is beneficial in removeing constipation, so is ISABGOL, NISHOTH, HARAD and others

5- There is sso many medications , in Ayurveda, that can be used for the purpose of Constipation removal after proper consultation of your nearest Ayurvedic physician.

Summer season causes more constipation because of the dry ness, so take plenty of water to avoid constipation.

A glass of water in early morning and before bed may help to remove constipation