Senile PROSTATITIS ; ETG AyurvedaScan Traces and Data Report with Allopathic Examinations reports

Below presented case is a 65 years old male person, who is suffering from Sanile Prostatitis. The patient was admitted to the Government  District Hospital for the syndromes of prostatitis including obstruction of urination. Patient is also suffering from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorders with allied  complaints.

His attending physician asked him for surgical intervention, but they refused to do surgery , which patient could not tell the reason. We guess only that it might possible that respiratory tract problem may cause any serious condition during or after  surgery or it may possible that after opening of Prostate area, it could be a malignent stage or so on . So Doctors refused for surgery and referred to other physician.

However I am patient’s family Ayurvedic physician and at this movement they consulted me on 24th May 2012. I gave him medicine and advised for  ETG AyurvedaScan examination.

Here both the findings of Allopathic and Ayurvedic are given for comparisons. I have prescribed remedies on the basis of the findings for a week and waiting for response.

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