दिन: जुलाई 13, 2012

LIVER DONOR patient’s ETG AyurvedaScan mapping and scanning ; लीवर प्रत्यारोपण के लिये लीवर का हिस्सा दान करने वाले मरीज की मैपिन्ग और स्कैनिन्ग

On 12th July 2012 , we received 26 years old ,  a patient of LIVER Donor for transplanting purposes, donated his part of  Liver to his nearest relative last year  in September 2011.  While I was going to record the traces, I saw cut  marks on abdomen, but I did not ask  the patient , what happened to him earlier. When I recorded traces from torso organs, I noticed that in traces Gall Bladder and complete Liver is not recorded well and some thing is wrong with the patient , which is not clear. This was unusual, rare and strange recording for me. It never happens earlier since birth of ETG AyurvedaScan before over 26 years.

I called my colleague and  patient’s relative and asked them that “patient’s Gall Bladder is seems to be absent and part of Liver is not well recorded, what happened to patient, whether he have got any serious problem like GB Stone or Liver anomalies, where immediate removal of  the Liver part was decided by Surgeons ?”

In reply the relatives narrated all about the patient, which I have earlier  described.

Patient have problem of Mild ALLERGIC REACTIONS, Colitis, Bradycardia, Skin eruptions and Circulation towards head and Baldness etc etc.

Observe the traces of the patient.

Discussion about recorded traces;

Among the several recorded traces , we selected few for the analysis. Traces are widen in their horizontal and vertical degree of bending both positive and negative deflection. some waves are absent and their positive and negative deflection level is very low and their amplitude is not up to the mark level.

In absence of Gall badder . ETG AyurvedaScan traces shows  legitimately absence or curved “e” and “s” waves with “klmno”  waves. The Liver area traces shows an irregular gap of the left side. This leads that Left Lobe might possible not present.

This is the first ever case of  LIVER DONATION, which I recorded, earlier we have recorded case of Kidney transplant, knee joint replacements and several other Orthopedic disorders etc.