Thanks READERS ; Ayurveda, Ayushmen : E.T.G. AyurvedaScan have crossed over 500000 {five Lac} hits today on 19th July 2012

Blog AYURVEDA : AYUSHMEN : ETG AyurvedaScan have crossed 500000 – Five Lac- hits on 19 -07- 2012.

This is the beliefs of the readers of this blog that have popularized all over the world. This achievement is totally based on the HONESTY and correct presentation of the subject matters related to health in true sense, which is our policy.

We don’t try to misguide any one and what we have truly confirmed each and every statements or presentation as correct as we understand.

We thanks our visitors , who likes this blog .


Dr DBBajpai
Ayurvedic Dignostician & Chief ETG AyurvedaScan Investigator
BMS [Lucknow]    Ayurvedacharya [Delhi]  Diplom-hom[Germany Munchen] MICR [Mumbai]
M.D. [Medicine] Ph.D. [kriya sharir- Human Physiology] C.R.C. [Cardio-vascular]
and etc etc

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