Ayurveda Thermal Mapping and Scanning ; ATS , a revolutionery and cheap diagnostic system for AYURVEDA medical system

Under the patronage of Dr Desh Bandhu Bajpai , inventor of ETG AyurvedaScan system for Ayurveda and EHG HomoeopathyScan system for Homoeopathic medical science have invented a simple and cheap technology for Ayurveda Medical system at present. The report is although small and the research and development work is going on under the guidence of Dr Bajpai, who hope that this medical dignostic system will proove its use and efficiency for Ayurveda , Homoeopathy, Unani and pother medical scineces equally.

This is the report page of ATS, which will soon elaborated in more pages in future according to the develpment of the system.


The ATS report is FREE provided with the ETG AyurvedaScan over 100 pages detailed and elaborated report with FREE EHG HomoeopathyScan report with selection of appropriat exactly selected Homoeopathic remedies for sick individual by different way of REPERTORIAL ANALYSIS . An E.C.G. examination is also free with these Scans and examination.

Our goal is to establish confirmed diagnosis of disease condition in toto and in real sense, because obtaining the maximum data of the examination by different methods pin pointed the problem patient have and thus ease the treatment confirmed and effective/

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