Paralysed Right Lung case ; Trace Record of the patient with other cardinal Visceral problems ; दाहिने फेफड़े का पैरालाइसिस ; मरीज का ई०टी०जी० आयुर्वेदास्कैन ट्रेस रिकार्ड जिसमें अन्य शारीरिक बीमारिया भी सामने आ गयीं

A female aged 50 years came for consultation on 05th October 2012 ,with the following symptoms;

1- Rapid Respiration, severe dyspnoea
2- Can not walk, sits after four five steps
3- always wants to lie on bed

Pt came to clinic from 380 kilometers away. She was taking treatment of Asthma by allopathic doctors.

Her trace record was taken, which is given below.

After recorded trace study, it is found that she is having the following complaints.

[a] All traces are not smooth and straight and are “saw tooth like” and in “zig zag irregular” shape, indicative of POOR OXIGINATION IN BLOOD,  this confirms Pulse Oximeter SpO2 measurement giving  88 % oxygen presence in blood stream.

[b] Trace “k” belongs to Pulmonary Organ, its texture, recording pattern shows paralysed condition of Lung

[c] All other Torso leads shows Liver, kidney, spleen,intestines,regional spine’s parts anomalies – enlarged , swelled, hard, mal-functioning etc

[d] Tachycardia / over 120 pulse per minute

[e] swelling in whole body including hydro-musculosis

Her Ayurvedic Fundamentals values are ;

Patient is given proper and effective Ayurvedic medicine for treatment with to  follow management instructions.

It can be concluded that for effective Ayurvedic treatment it is necessary to have maximum information about the condition of patient, that eases the treatment in effective way without any deviation. Maximum data always pin pointed the problem patient  have and on this ground treatment is given always effective and fruitful with positive results.


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