Electro Homoeo Graphy ; EHG HomoeopathyScan ; A case analysis with Homoeopathic remedy selection

Below is a case of 16 years old male boy, suffering from Psychological disturbances. The Gaurdians of the boy narrated all the problems , he have. The boy was treated by Allopathic medications , but without any result.

I advised him to go for an ETG ayurvedaScan and EHG HomoeopathyScan combined examination for proper diagnosis of INNER COMPLAINTS.

Here only selection of the appropriate Homoeopathic remedy is selected on the basis of the data and report.


EHG HomoeopathyScan system is the only mechanical system, which is providing accurate selection of the Homoeopathic remedies of the person scanned, in scientific way. The diagnosis of the disease condition and the huge data is recieved after scanning of body for Homeopathic purposes. The scanned areas are differed and evaluated according to the Homoeopathic philosophy laid down by the Master Hahanemann.

In this case the evaluation of the Psora and other miasm , mentioned in Organon of Medicine is quantified , with their intensity presence. This eases the selection of remedy for patient successfully without any deviation and with strong confidence.

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  1. dear sir,the EHG is great.how much is the scan cost?

    ………..reply………..Electro Homoeo Graphy : EHG HomoeopathyScan is a part of its main examination procedure Electro Tridosha Graphy ; ETG AyurvedaScan, which is an Ayurvedic Scan for whole body and the entire human anatomical and physiological systems.

    The EHG HomoeopathyScan examination is done free of cost with the main ETG AyurvedaScan examination, which provides all the data includes anatomical, physiological and pathological basis of diseases and their intensities etc etc.

    On the findings and diagnosis of diseases and fundamentals of Homoeopathy, given extra in a separate file with duly repertorised Homoeopathic remedies, suggested for treatment purposes.

    ETG AyurvedaScan examination fees is Rs 2200/- and with this [1] ECG [2] EHG HomoeopathyScan [3] Ayurveda Thermal mapping and scanning [4] ETG followup trace records [5] Ayurvedic medicine prescription [6] Homoeopathic remedies prescriptions [7] do and dont do , food to take, life style suggestions are free with the main and other examinations.

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