Tribhuvan Kirti Ras ; an Ayurvedic classical remedy for Winter Season

Every year winter season comes and while its commencement, it brings many health problems with the persons almost every one of all ages. Those who are living in those areas, where almost all months of a year, winter or winter like atmosphere persists, they also feel problems from more cold.

In those countries, where atmosphere of winter is persists around the year, in this region the skin of the person becomes more harder than comparatively to person of the tropical region. The persons, who are living in a cold atmosphere, their skin quality is somehow changed comparatively to those who are living in tropical regions and where cold or winter persists only few days or few months.

Case studies with the help of ETG AyurvedaScan system reveals that traces recorded from European countries and Tropical regions patients are differs from elevation , which is due to hard and soft skin of the patient belongs to specific regions. Where cold season is very prominent the skin of the person are thick and deposition of fat layer in under skin persists.

Although the diagnosis of disorders are same, ayurvedic fundamentals evaluations are same and no differences seen in between the results except the hights and longitudinal appearence of traces, which is due to skin of the subjects undergone for the test.

However, this dose not matter. Here TRIBHUVAN KIRTI RAS is beneficial in the following ailing conditions;

1- Cures exposure of cold either from cold of winter or wetting in rain
2- Used in almost all kinds of FEVER of any origin, whatever they may be.
3- Lower down HIGH FEVER just like PARACETAMOL do in feverish conditions.
4- suppressed sweat comes out after use of this remedy
5-= Very fast acts in Just appeared fever
6- acts fast in Phlegm-cough-Fever conditions
7- Useful in Pneumonia and Pneumonia like syndromes
8- Influenza of any origin and anywhere
9- Useful in small pox and measles and like syndromes

Doses; One /two tablets should be taken four hourly with tea or warm water or Ginger Tulasi tea

Ayurveda have many remedies for winter ailing conditions, TRIBHUVAN KIRTI RAS is one of them. Those who desire they should use this safe remedy.

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