An Old Case of Pulmonary Tuberculosis ; An ETG AyurvedaScan record traces view

TB01An old case of Pulmonary tuberculosis treated by allopathic medications, converted in many complications ; an ETG Ayurvedascan overview of the case and diagnosis

On 13 March 2013 , an old Allopathically treated case of Pulmonary Tuberculosis came for the conusltation at our Panchakarma Center Hospital for Ayurvedic treament of his complaints, male aged 53 years.

I have recorded traces for the patient. His traces are given below.

At the first glance, the following anomalies came in notice while recording the traces.

1- Aneamia
2- Abnormal Body Temperature
3- Tachycardia pulse throbbing in between 120 to 130 beats per minute
4- Poor Oxygenation
5- Right Lung atrophy
6- Laryngo-pharyngo-tracheal anomalies present of moderate nature
7- Poor and robust physique
8- Electrolytic-mineral defficiency

While Ayurveda Diagnosis is Sannipataj bacause all the three Doshas are involved in the Kapha : 2, Pitta : 1 and Vata : 1 ratio. This is an observational result. the Final conclusion of problem and treatment solely dependent upon the ETG AyurvedaScan report and its base.


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