Stellaria media ; Homoeopathic remedy for Rheumatism and neuro-musculo-skeletal related joints problems

A vey effective Homoeopathic remedies for all nature of Rheumatism and joints related disease conditions belongings to any age and race.

STELLERIA MEDIA , which is known as “Cheekweed”, is used an external application for rheumatism as well as uses internally in lower decimal potencies through oral route.

The most indicative symdroms are stasis and congestion and sluggishness of all functions, which are mostaly aggravates in Morning and just after waking or just leaving the bed.

The main features of the remedy are mostly related to RHEUMATISM of all nature, given below in syndromes;

1- Chronic Rheumatism ;
Charecteristics of pain is sharp, shifting, darting pain with the stiffness of the joints. The affected parts are very sore to touch and very painful on movement

2- Gout disorder with enlarged and inflamed finger joints

3- Psoriasis

4- Cervical spiondylitis

5- Liver conditions engorged, swollen, stitching pain, sensitive to pressure. This is an invaluable remedy for Cirrhosis of Lever and Cancer of Liver of First and second stages.

Conclusively the medicine is useful in all musculo skeletal joints and muscles problems and Liver disorders prominently. There is no side effects of any kinds and totally safe.

If taken and used in mother tincture form , the remedy acts very fast and relieves problems sometimes instantly specially painful conditions.


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