दिन: अप्रैल 15, 2013

Leucoderma ; Vitiligo ; White spots are 100 % totally curable by Ayurveda- Ayush Treatment based on the findings of E.T.G. Ayurvedascan examination and screening

RECENTLY among the large number of Vitiligo cases, which are being treated by me, one case of Leucoderma alias SAFED DAAG, VITILIGO, SHWET KUSHTHA of 21 years old young boy have been cured successfully totally 100 percent by the AYURVEDA – AYUSH treatment based on the findings of ETG AyurvedaScan examination report.

To present before as an evidence to whole medical community globally, it could be now time to convey that VITILIGO / LEUCODERMA is curable by AYURVEDA – AYUSH based treatment, which can not be ignored by the modern medical system which claims that there is no cure for VITILIGO or LEUCODERMA in any medical system prevelent in whole world or claims that VITILIGO oir Leucoderma is not a disease condition.

Some photographs of the patient have been taken before the treatment on 09th February 2013 for reference uses. The patient belongs to Bihar State of Navada Distt, which is far away 1400 kilometer and a journey of 18 hrs, from our outdoor clinic at KANPUR, UP, India. A few photographs are given below.
His MICROSCOPIC test of SKIN was done and is given for reference.

middle right white micro 9 feb 2013
NOrmal skin micro 9 feb 2013
After 60 days of the Ayurveda and ayush treatment patient came for screening test on 12th APRIL 2013, his photographs were taken and other examination were done. See below the microscopic and routine photo of the check-up.

Rajnikaant (Nevada)12 April 2013OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
Rajani kant 02
Rajani Kant pith
The whole ayurvedic fratenity should consider about these claims and be confident about the latest developed Ayurvedic diagnostics technology result oriented evidence based mechanism.


The cure of Leucoderma is possible on the findings of ETG AyurvedaScan examination results along with the verification results of the conjoining examination done by the reference sources. The claim is not only for the LEUCoDERMA but it is for the all known or unknown disease conditions applicable to whether they are diagnosed or undiagnosed.