दिन: सितम्बर 9, 2013

leucoderma / vitiligo / white spots / safed daag / shwet kustha ; Cured case of leucoderma ; सफेद दाग / ल्यूकोडर्मा / श्वेत कुष्ठ का पूर्ण आरोग्य प्राप्त केस

Follow the cured case of a Female . having LEUCODERMA in her upper hand Fingers and Foot Fingers along with her Face. She is almost cured and have no white spots in her body.

Below are the Photos of the Upper Hand Fingers time to time taken for observation and progress of cure.
Female patient was suffering from Leucoderma patches since 7 years. She observed that white patches are appearing slowly and gradually in her corner of mouth and jints of Ears, and Fingers of Upper and Lower Extremeties and other some sites.

After ETG AyurvedaScan examination findings, it is concluded that she is having visceral pathophjysiology and systems. Three dimentional diagnosis reveals that – first – the final white patches -second the pathway from where the problem is comming and -third – the visceral and systems anomlies which are generating the problem.

Concluding in this way, selection of AYURVEDIC MEDICINES used in this case.

CHARAK and SUSHRUT and VAGBHATTA , mostly talks for SHROTAS and SHROTA DUSHTI in their classical Ayurveda compilation, say SAMHITA. The three dimentional diagnosis prooves somehow the thinking of AYURVEDA MAISTRO , if it is linking with the findings of ETG AyurvedaScan reports data.

Research works are going on at advance level. Leucoderma cured cases are loaded in the blog time to time to evidence, that LEUCODERMA is not an UNCURABLE disease condition, it can be cured totally, if treated AYURVEDICALLY on the basis of the ETG AyurvedaScan findings.

More LEUCODERMA cured cases will be loaded time to time for evidencing that it is not an Incurable condition.