दिन: सितम्बर 17, 2013

How antibiotics can affects the whole body systems and can creat new style of diseases and disease conditions ? आधुनिक चिकित्सा की “एन्टी बायोटिक” दवाये किस प्रकार सारे शरीर को बीमार बना देती है और किस प्रकार नयी नयी बीमारियों को जन्म दे रही हैं ???


Modern medicine medicaments, called ANTIBIOTICS, once in a time was very popular at their commencements and introduction in medical system. At the beggining , when pencillin was introduced, it was presumed that a mighty weapon against the infection has been invented by the scientist. Later many ANTIBIOTICS like Chloromycetine, Tetracycline, Sulphonamides , Ampicillin, Amoxyline and others were invented time to time.

Experinecing after over 50 years , this is the conclusion about antibiotics, published in the monthly magazine DAVA BAZAR patrika, September issue, which tells the over all story about the Anti-biotics uses.