दिन: सितम्बर 18, 2013

DENTISTRY ; Homoeopathic and Ayurvedic Combined Specific treatment of Dental and Oral Ailments and complications ; मुख और दान्तों और मसूढों की बीमारियो मे होम्योपैथिक और आयुर्वेद का विशेग्यता-युक्त सटीक इलाज

In General, this is a perception among the public, often asking , whether Ayurveda and Homoeopathy have any specific role in DENTISTRY and Oral complications ?

Both AYURVEDA and HOMOEOPATHY have remedies for total cure of the dental problems as well as Gums related disorders. Public is not well aware of the curative effects of the Homoeopathic and Ayurvedic remedies.

In classical of Ayurveda literature , DENTAL problems are included in URDHVA JATRU ROGA.URDHVA JATRU Rogas are included over all the section of body begins from base of Neck and above, that includes 4 dimentional neck and throat and lower jaws and upper jaws including skull completely and ofcourse Cervical spine section, including eyes, ears, nose other structures of body concern both internal and external.

The Diagnosis and treatment strategy in AYURVEDA is besed on the Fundamentals diagnosis of individual patient and then treatment management. According to Ayurvedic Fundamentals , Urdhv jatru Rogas are somehow affected by KAPHHA DOSHA mainly and nature of pain and other sensations includes the other doshas either Vata or Pitta. For example; if a person is suffering from dentalgia, and if he have pain which is shifting towards ear with gum swelling , this problem will be diagnosed according to AYURVEDA, which is KAPHAJ as a dominent and main dosha and VATA as a concomittant dosha due to nature of pain and swelling.

The treatment will base on this line , KAPHAJ and VATAJ as dominent dosha.

Ayurvedic treatment of Dental problem becomes very easy , when it is established which dosha is prominent.Ayurveda recommends “Kadava, kasaila and charapara” qualities ingredients appeases Kapha dosha and “Mitha, khatta, and namakin ” qualities ingredients apeases VATA dosha. A combination of the ingredients having the upper said qualities is curative to all dental illnesses, whatever they may be.

The followings are suggestive remedies, often used in DENTAL or ORAL health care.

1- Vata gajankush Ras
2- Mahavat gajankush ras
3- Vat Vidhavansan Ras
4- Kaf ketu ras
5- Kaf kuthar ras
Other Vat nashak and Kaf nashak remedies can be used.

A decoction of the following combination is useful in the Dental pain , dental neuralgia etc etc.

1- Take one tea spoonful AJWAIN, 20 leaves of TULASI, one inch cut of ADARAKH, crush tease all ingredient and cook in 100 milliliter water at one boil, keep the boiled item till lukwarm stage, seeves it and drink it either alone or with any AYURVEDIC remedies

This formula is always available in home and those who have painful dental condition, they can use it according to need repeating 4 or 6 hourly daily several times. This formula is very simple but of great use, it can cure / relieve the neuralgic pain of Trigeminal nerves and dental neuralgic pain.

Some HOMOEOPATHIC REMEDIES / medicine are of great use in DENTAL PAIN either Neuralgic or Musculo-neuralgic, or other kinds of pain. shifting to sides of Ears, Nasal cavity or creating Facial pain etc. The following HOMOEOPATHIC REMEDIES should be taken ;
1- Viscum Album Q
2- Plantago Q
3- Stelleria media Q
4- Actea Spicata Q

An equal mixture combination of these four medications are of great use in all kinds of Dental and Dental related problems and should be used in repeated doses at least 20 drops to more one , mixing with plain water several times a day. This HOMOEOPATHIC COMBINATION almost used in all types of Dental problems.

KREOSOTE Q [mother tincture] is a master one ORAL WASH of Homoeopathy. 10 [ten drops]drops KREOSOTE MOTHER TINCTURE should be mixed with 200 ml fresh water and this MOUTH WASH relieves total problems of TEETH, MOUTH, GUMS and Throat infections. This should be used after each meal and before bed time.

These are the safer remedies for DENTAL and ORAL care and have no any side effects so far.