High Creatinine Level ; Three cases remarkably relieved by E.T.G. AyurvedaScan examination based Ayurvedic / Homoeopathic treatment

It is assumed in Modern Medical system that HIGH CREATININE LEVEL can not be lowered down or can not bring upto Normal level by any way and the only solution is DYLYSIS , when CREATININE level comes upto that level.

Last few month back, Three cases of High Level Creatinine are treated at our research center successfully, adopting the ETG AyurvedaScan and Ayurveda Thermal Scanning and Ayurveda Blood examination and Ayurveda URINE examination technologies simultaneouly used for AYURVEDIC and HOMOEOPATHIC treatment purposes.

1- A Lady aged 62 yrs is suffering from many years by Diebeties and is taking regularly Anti-diebetic remedies along with the INSULINE daily over 60 units. On regular Blood examination she was found that her CREATININE level is going higher upto 6.6 mg/dl. The treating physician suggested that she should ready for the DYLYSIS, if creatinine level goes more up.

This was the stage when she consulted me on 29th August 2013. I examined her as according usually I do. I prescribed her AYURVEDIC MEDICINES and asked to check the CREATININE after 15 says.

She examined her CREATININE after 15 days and it was 3.7 mg/dl. She reduces her insuline doses upto half because of, when she took more insuline , her blood sugar level suddenly dropped and thus creates unnecessary problems.

She is taking regular AYURVEDIC treatment and advised to check her CREATININE LEVEL time to time as a pracautionary measure.

2- The second case is of a 74 years Old man came for consultation on 5th September 2013, who have 7.9 mg/dl CREATININE LEVEL on and have gone for two HEAMODYLYSIS in a reputed Nursing Hospital of KANPUR. The treating physician could not assured his family members about the fate of the old man health.

When the old man came to my clinic, he was in robust and very poor condition of health. His urine output was very less, say 50 ml a day, cannot lift himself or sit himself,without nay help. His appetite was lost and he could not eat properly food.

I done ETG AyurvedaScan and prescribed AYURVEDIC and HOMOEOPATHIC medicine. After 15 days, his son came to me and narrated that his father is now very well in his health condition, He is takling 2 – 3 litter water daily and urine is passing as it was earlier in his normal stages. His creatinine level is now came down to 2.9 mg/dl.

3- A 26 years old young man consulted me on 14th September 2013 , who have his CREATININE LEVEL 7.12 mg/dl. I surprised to see the age of the young man and the condition of his KIDNEY health. He was advised for DYLYSIS, but he refused and consulted me.

He was under gone for ETG AyurvedaScan eamination and took treatment. On 21 st September 2013 , his creatinine level is tested and it is 6.2 mg/dl. He is advised to continue the AYURVEDIC medicine, which is prescribed.

ETG AyurvedaScan based treatment is always result oriented, which we have said several times.

The pathological examiantion report will be loaded in the post, when we recieve from patient with their permission.

एक टिप्पणी

  1. mera naam anu hai. Meri kidney mai problem hai.. 3 dylysis ho chuke hai but report hai urine 67and crtnine 3.4…ab mai kya kru kya mai kanpur se trtmnt le skti hu…

    ………..reply………..ap gar ayurveda ka ilaj karingi to thik hoga

    sabase achcha hai ETG AyurvedaScan adhairt ilaj karana, isase apaki kidney bhi thik hogi aur creatinine aur dusari anomalies nhi thik ho jayengi

    Lekin isake liye apako kanpur ana hoga

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